Research in DBOS

A Sample of Doctoral Dissertations Completed by Our Students

Sherman, Cindy (6/9/2014)
For Love or Money? Similarities and differences in meaningfulness and motivation at work between social and commercial entrepreneurs

Huang, Yumi Hsin-Yu (6/6/2014)
Age Differences in Affective/Experiential and Deliberative Processes in Unambiguous and Ambiguous Decision-Making

Beavin, Laura (6/6/2014)
Oxytocin and Empathy in Sex Offenders: A Biological Basis For Deficiencies in Empathic Responding

Murphy, Kelly (5/21/2014)
An ecological analysis of the child welfare system: Examining the influence of inter-agency collaboration on child welfare outcomes

Mary, Justin (5/16/2014)
Toward an Understanding of the Behaviors that Affect Learning in Anchored Discussion Systems: The Role of Instructional Guidance Cues and Discourse Quality

Isbell, Ann (5/8/2014)
A Multilevel Analysis of Relationships between After-school Activities/Programs and Competencies

Gaffney, Amber (5/8/2014)
The Will of the Few, the Will of the Many: Self-conceptual Uncertainty and Influence

Liu, Pi Ju (5/5/2014)
Key Risk Factors of Elder Exploitation in a Community Sample

O'Brien, Erin (4/22/2014)
Psychological Bleakness and Health Communication: Differential Effects of Fear Appeals, Controlling Language, and Immediacy of Consequences

Basanez, Tatiana (4/7/2014)
Comparing Intergroup Attitudes using Social Class and Americanness IATs to test Black Exceptionalism

Huansuriya, Thipnapa (4/3/2014)
From Trust to Group Efficacy: The Moderating Effect of Culture

Willis, Sheilesha (4/3/2014)
Toward a Model of Diversity Leadership: Examining Leadership's Role in Creating an Inclusive Workplace

LaVelle, John (3/10/2014)
An Examination of Evaluation Education Programs and Evaluator Skills Across the World

Dunaetz, David (2/27/2014)
The Achievement of Conflict-Related Goals Leads to Satisfaction with Conflict Outcomes

Dollwet, Maren (12/12/2013)
Socializing Expatriates and Their Spouses: New Consideration for Expatriate and Spouse Adjustment Through Organizational Onboarding

Horspool, Agnes (12/5/2013)
Enterprise 2.0 and Hacker Ideals in the Workplace

Ng, Ernest (11/26/2013)
Culture's Consequence on Artistic Creatvity: The Relationship between Culture and Expertise on Creative Judgments

Fleischer, Dreolin (9/27/2013)
An Exploration of the Personal Factor as it Relates to Instrumental Evaluation Use

Chamberlin, Elizabeth (7/23/2013)
We are the 99%! Replication and Extension of the Intergroup Emotion Theory

Henderson, Megan Beyer (7/7/2013)
Career Management Strategies and Perceived Career Success and Satisfaction: Are Women Disadvantaged?

Yi, Rena (6/7/2013)
Reinventing the Workplace for Millennials through Relational Job Design and Relational Mentoring

Miltenberger, Catherine (5/16/2013) The Comparative and General Effectiveness of Video Modeling on Portable Handheld Devices with Children with Autism

Butler, Heather (5/14/2013)
Debiasing Juror Perceptions of the Infallibility of Forensic Identification Evidence: The Utility of Educational and Perspective-taking Debiasing Methods

Sparks, Naomi (3/15/2013)
To Wait, To Take, or To Give: Hormonal Influences on Intertemporal Choice and Charitable Donations

Collins, Krista (3/7/2013)
Youth Empowerment Programs: Using a Program Evaluation Framework to Identify Developmental Outcomes of Youth Empowerment

Williams, Patrick (3/5/2013)
The Effect of Compassion-Based Meditative Practice on Systems Mediating Cooperative Behavior: Evidence Linking Physiology to Behavior

Rast, David (3/1/2013)
Intergroup Leadership: Leading Across Conflicting Social Identities

Grosberg, Denise (12/18/2012)
Teaching Conversational Speech to Children with Autism Using a Text Messaging Intervention (TMI)

Straight, Carli (11/16/2012)
An Intervention Designed to Increase Participation and Completion Rates of Community College Students in Nontraditional Programs

Fierro, Leslie (10/3/2013)
Clarifying the Connections: Evaluation Capacity and Intended Outcomes

Stolzenberg, Stacia (7/3/2012)
Courtroom Conversations About Sexual Abuse Disclosures, Non-Disclosures, and Prior Discussions Attempts to Influence Children's Credibility

Ozlati, Shabnam (6/6/2012)
Motivation, Trust and Leadership: Predictors of Knowledge Sharing Behavior in the Workplace

Christensen, Jacquelyn (5/29/2012)
Early Adolescent Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Sensory Preference Differences

Menkes, Susan (5/10/2012)
Children's Media Comprehension: The Influence of Media Platform, Executive Functioning Ability, and Age

Harnar, Michael (4/24/2012)
Theory Building Through Praxis Discourse: A Theory - and practice-informed model of Transformative Participatory Evaluation

Hohman, Zachary (4/5/2012)
Fearing the Uncertain: A Causal Exploration of Self Esteem, Self-Uncertainty, and Mortality Salience

Turcotte, Dana (4/5/2012)
Gossip and the Group: A Self-Categorization Perspective

Rosenthal, Erica (4/4/2012)
Overcoming Cognitive and Motivational Barriers to Media Literacy: A Dual-Process Approach

Jarman, Matthew (3/30/2012)
A Complexity Approach to Peak Creative Insight in Individuals

Hemovich, Vanessa (3/29/2012)
Concomitant Substance Abuse Disorders and History of Depression among Delinquent Youth from Nontraditional Households: Findings from a National Study

Chang, Lillian Ku (1/13/2012)
Ethnic Differences in Motivation in Response to Simulated Failure

Sosa, Giovanni (12/20/2011)
The Impact of a Video Game Intervention on the Cognitive Functioning, Self Efficacy, and Self-Esteem of Older Adults

Graham, Elizabeth (11/28/2011)
What Underlies Age Differences in Inattentional Blindness? Predictions from Models of Cognitive Aging

Gupta, Rupanwita (8/23/2011)
Personal and Social Normative Influences on Sustainable Residential Landscapes

Saw, Amanda (5/31/2011)
Learner Control, Expertise, and Self-Regulation: Implications for Web-Based Statistics Tutorials

Abdoun, Nora (5/26/2011)
Corporate Social Responsibility: Does it Really Matter?

Ko, Ia (5/25/2011)
Crafting a Job: Creating Optimal Experiences at Work

Schroer, Netta (5/13/2011)
Believing a Snitch: An Examination of Jailhouse Informants and Juror Decision-Making

Mahajan, Namrata (5/12/2011)
Uncertain Times Call For Certain Measures: Assessing Domains and Means of Uncertainty Reduction

Clevering, Jessica (5/11/2011)
Certainty, Self-Esteem, and Reactions to Deviant Ingroup Members

Lac, Andrew (5/11/2011)
Attachment Theory and Theory of Planned Behavior: An Integrative Model Predicting Underage Drinking

Vinson, Katherine (5/9/2011)
Information Processing and Judgment in Juror Decision-Making in Civil Litigation

Blagg, Robert (5/3/2011)
Exploring Religiousness, Community, & Altruism: Implications for Health

Erickson-Tomaino, Melaura (4/13/2011)
Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism: Assessment of the Efficacy of a Parent-Implemented Script Procedure

Greenberg, Alissa (4/4/2011)
Addressing the Research-to-Practice Gap in Autism Treatments: Applying an Effectiveness Research Model to the Picture Exchange Communication System

Matthews, Miriam (4/1/2011)
Testing a Dual-Process Model of Prejudice: Assessment and Experimental Manipulation of Intergroup Threat Perceptions

McCabe, John (3/30/2011)
Affect-based Bias Correction and Its Impact on Cognitive Effort in Juridicial Decision-Making

Granillo, Christina (1/10/2011)
Language Brokering, Interracial Styles, and Parental Behaviors Among Latino Families

Redwine, Karen (12/6/2010)
Pseudoseizures, Trauma, and Neurological Dysfunction: A Focus on Amygdala Activity Using fMRI.


Lopez-Wagner, Muriel (12/3/2010)
Intervention for Stress and Coping: Mothers of Children with Autism.

Seyranian, Viviane (11/17/2010)
Social Identity Framing: Leader Communication for Social Change

Lopez, Rachel (11/18/2010)
Understanding the Impact of Process Use and Use of Evaluation Findings on Program Participants

Adelman, Janice (10/8/2010)
Feeling Prototypical: How Multiple Social Identities Influence Support for Extreme Tactics in Intergroup Conflict

Davis, Orin (7/6/2010)
Using Waiting Time Well: Toward a Theory of Microflow

Yoneshige, Kara (6/10/10)
Work Relationships that Flow: Examining the Interpersonal Flow Experience, Knowledge Sharing, and Organizational Commitment

Kim, Chong (6/3/2010)
Examining the Influence of Relational Demography and Cultural Values on Leader Member Exchange in Asian American Employee and White Manager Dyads

Byrd, Katherine (5/12/2010)
Childhood Resilience: Exploring the Connections Between Internal and External Buffers

Stephenson, Clayton (5/6/2010)
Does Training to Increase Working Memory Capacity Improve Fluid Intelligence?

Isham, Eve (4/14/2010)
Deceived and Distorted: The Effects of Inferred Ownership and Game Outcome on Temporal Binding and the Perceived Time of Stimulus-Based Actions

Barraza, Jorge (4/14/2010)
The Physiology of Empathy: Linking Oxytocin to Empathic Responding

Ting, Sarah (4/12/2010)
Testing the MASS Model: Motivation, Affect, Social Support and Self-efficacy as Predictors of Exercise Behaviors

Karagiorgakis, Aris (4/1/2010)
Police Officer Beliefs about Factors that Influence Eyewitness Memory

Oja, Michelle (4/1/2010)
Intersectional Social Categories

Hawkins, Stacy (3/31/2010)
Family Relationships and Adolescent Behavior: A Look at Families Headed by Heterosexual, Gay, and Lesbian Parents

Neff, Kelly (3/25/2010)
Explaining Adolescent Diabetes Non-Adherence: A Purposive Approach

Hackett, Justin (3/25/2010)
Values Anchoring: Strengthening the Link Between Values and Behavior

Lee, Dae Ho (12/18/2009)
Jurors' Reactions to Different Disorders and Stereotype Consistent v. Inconsistent Information in a Sexually Violent Predator Trial

Barnes, Lenora (12/11/2009)
The Effects of Organizational Cynicism on Community Colleges: Exploring Concepts from Positive Psychology

Jackson, Ashaki (9/11/2009)
Psychosocial Maturity and Attribution: Detained Girls Perceptions of Their Delinquent Behaviors

Blaylock, Danielle (9/8/2009)
Effects of Status Differentials on Intergroup Emotions

Foote, Winona (9/8/2009)
Issue Framing and Whites' Opposition to Affirmative Action: The Moderating Role of Political Sophistication

Puertas, Carlos (7/29/2009)
The Effects of Mobile Technology on Work-Life Outcomes

Sperry, Kathryn (7/17/2009)
Attribution Theory Applied to the Courtroom: The Mediating Role of Sympathy on the Relationship between Victim Blame and Verdict

Lewis-Duarte, Melissa (5/18/2009)
Executive Coaching: A Study of Coaches' Use of Influence Tactics

O'Connell, Wendy (5/18/2009)
Courageous Leadership

Jamieson, Vanessa (5/05/2009)
Evaluation Practice and Technology

Ortega, Nicole (5/08/2009)
Examining Training Evaluation Relative to the Broader Field of Evaluation

Montrosse, Bianca (4/28/2009)
Estimating the Effects of Teacher Certification on the Academic Achievement of Exceptional High School Students in North Carolina

Huchting, Karen (4/16/2009)
Expectancies of College Life and Alcohol Use

Berquist, Kari (4/07/2009)
Teaching Parents of Children with Autism to Evaluate Interventions

Skenderian, Jessica (4/06/2009)
An Expectancy-Value Approach to Understanding Marijuana Use

Boyle, Shanelle (3/05/2009)
Using Appreciative Inquiry to Build Evaluation Capacity at Three Non-Profit Organizations

Pelletier, Kathie (2/06/2009)
The Effects of Favored Status and Identification with Victim on Perceptions of and Reactions to Leader Toxicity

Chang, Gina (2/04/2009)
A Visually Based Naturalistic Communication Intervention for Nonverbal Persons with Autism

Hodge, Danelle (12/08/2008)
Children’s Sleep Problems and Maternal Mental Health in Mothers of Children With and Without Autism

Chae, Bryan (12/01/2008)
Testing a Theory on Aging, Word Frequency, and Naming

Mason, Michelle (11/20/2008)
Defining Love of Learning: Its Relationship to Intrinsic Motivation for College, Sensation-Seeking, and Global Innovativeness

Patterson, Michael (7/03/2008)
Effects of Task Instruction and Difficulty on Central Stage Capacity Allocation in The PRP Paradigm

Aldrich, Christina (5/17/2008)
Communal Coping : Engaging In Cooperative Coping Responses With Others Facing A Similar Stressor

Atuel, Hazel (5/16/2008)
A Longitudinal Study of a Merger: Between a White Minority and Asian Majority Religious Groups

Patel, Neil (5/16/2008)
Knowledge of Self Begets Tolerance of Others: An Ethnic Identity Approach to Reducing the Ethnic Tension in Los Angeles, CA

Domier, Catherine (5/16/2008)
Cognitive Performance of Cigarette Smokers on a Smoking Stroop Task: The Influence of Abstinence and Acute Smoking

Robbins, Teresa (4/28/2008)
Student Experiences in Desegregated Schools: The Interaction of School Interracial Climate and Ethnic Identity Development on Student Outcomes

Kappenberg, Erin (2/12/2008)
A Model of Executive Coaching: Key Factors in Coaching Success

La Chausse, Robert (1/31/2008)
Parental Characteristics and Parental Monitoring: Effects of Parental Influence on Adolescent Disclosure, Parent Knowledge, and Adolescent Risk Behavior

Gombos, Victor (1/30/2008)
Cognitive Load and Deception: The Role of Executive Processes in the Production of Deceptive Attitude Statements

Tosha, Chinatsu (1/01/2008)
Visual Discomfort: A Study of Sensory and Ocular-Motor Impairments 

Fiorentino, Dary (12/14/2007)
The Effects of Age on Selected Components of Driving Performance

Arruda, Elise (8/01/2007)
Positive Youth Development: A Multi-Method Approach Incorporating Documentary Photography Techniques in Data Collection

Berry-Malmberg, Debra (8/01/2007)
Assessment of a Collaborative Parent Education Program Targeting the Rigid and Ritualistic Behaviors of Children with Autism

Hall, Naomi (8/01/2007)
Examining Sociocultural Correlates of Sexual Behavior Among Adult Heterosexual Black Men and Women

Muscalu, Laura (8/01/2007)
The Role of Phonological Activation in Bilinguals' Orthographic Realization of Words

Nikolovna, Ani (8/01/2007)
Bilingualism, Inhibition, and Executive Processing: Evidence from Stroop Color Naming, Proactive Interference, Task-Switching, and Working Memory

Thomas, Craig (5/12/2007)
Assessing Motivational Response Bias: The Influence of Individual, Item, and Situational Characteristics on the Measurement of Self-Reported Health Indicators

Schlehofer, Michele (5/12/2007)
The Role of Perceived Control and Anxiety in Predicting Mammography Utilization: An Application of the Extended Parallel Process Model

Cheeks, Bridgette (5/12/2007)
Surviving the Ivory Tower: Influence of Attribution Style and Academic Experiences on Doctoral Student Attrition
Romero, Victoria (1/16/2007)
Inhibitory Attention Control in Young Infants
Gilbert, Cindy (1/16/2007)
The Misperception of Injunctive and Descriptive Marijuana Norms Among Adolescents
Crèvecoeur, Desirée (1/16/2007)
Provocation, Bias, and Arousal in Hate Crimes: Cognitive Neoassociation Re-Examined
Love, Julia (1/16/2007)
Theory of Mind Ability in the Preadolescent Language Broker: Connections Between Language Brokering, Social Cognition, and Academic Achievement
Osborne, Gabrielle (1/16/2007)
Aging, Cognition and Emotion
Lohmann, Andrew (8/28/2006)
The Impact of a Freeway on Neighborhood: Sense of Community, Size, and Methods of Measurement
Lowe, Marlene (8/28/2006)
The Role of Mentoring on Asian American Professionals' Career Outcomes
London, Kellan (8/28/2006)
Integrating Idea Generation and Idea Evaluation in the Study of Group Creativity: Effects of Different Group Procedures on Brainstorming Effectiveness and Group Satisfaction
Carsten, Melissa (8/28/2006)
Vision in Focus: Investigating Follower Processes that Mediate Vision Articulation and Organizational Outcomes
Reigadas, Elena (5/13/2006)
An Ecological Systems Analysis of Eighth Grade Latino Students' Academic Achievement
Nguyen, Rachel (5/13/2006)
Conflict in Functionally Diverse Teams
Wells, Kimberly (5/13/2006)
Creating Contexts for Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Teams: The Role of Socialization
Daneshvar, Sabrina (5/13/2006)
A Comparison of Steps to Social Success (SSS) and Social Stories for Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism
Casad, Bettina (5/13/2006)
Gender Stereotype Violation Among Job Applicants: An Examination of Theory and Measurement
Lee, Erina (1/17/2006)
Relationship Maintenance Behaviors in Marital Couples
Boling, Anita (1/17/2006)
Volunteer Motivations Across the Lifespan
Lee, Sae (8/29/2005)
The Effects of Acculturalion and Parental Factors on Adolescent Delinquency Among Asian Americans
Cox, Kimberley (8/29/2005)
Rags to Riches?: Homeless Families' Perceptions of Social Status, Mobility, and Personal Efficacy During the Transition to Conventional Housing
Maxwell, Beverly (8/29/2005)
Feedback as it Relates to the Development of Leadership Self-Efficacy and Leadership Ability
Stevens, Brittany (8/29/2005)
Just Do It: The Impact of a Summer School Self-Advocacy Program on Depression, Self-Esteem, and Attributional Style in Learning Disabled Adolescents
Blandon-Gitlin, Iris (8/29/2005)
Detecting Deception: Content Analysis of Accounts of True and Suggested Events
Chung, King (8/29/2005)
Effects of Age and Study Repetition on Recognition Memory
Robinson, Jill (8/29/2005)
Individual Learning Styles and their Relationship to Leadership Styles
Malsch, Anna (5/14/2005)
Prosocial Behavior Beyond Borders: Understanding a Psychological Sense of Global Community
Fero, Howard (5/14/2005)
Flow and Cynicism in the Workplace
Evered, Sharrilyn (8/31/2004)
Primary and Secondary Control Strategies Used by Adults Coping with Diabetes
Ramirez, Juan (8/31/2004)
Acculturation, Familism, Parental Monitoring, and Knowledge as Predictors of Marijuana and Inhalant Use, Intentions, and Attitudes in Adolescents
Terrell, John (5/15/2004)
Power after Power: The Relationship of Dominance, Self Esteem, and Perspective-taking Ability in the Etiology of Aggression in Incarcerated Adolescent and Young Adult Males
Davison, Lynn (5/15/2004)
Media Viewing and the Neurological Development of APHD: Voluntary and Involuntary Processing
Healy, Michael (5/15/2004)
Multidimensional Signal Detection Theory Models of Memory in Young and Older Adults
Dogan-Ates, Aysun (5/15/2004)
An Examination of Adolescents' Post-Disaster Experiences and Reactions Following the 1999 Marmara Earthquake
Jones, Cathleen (5/15/2004)
Using the Picture Exchange Communication System and Time Delay to Enhance the Spontaneous Speech of Children with Autism
Zagorski, David (5/15/2004)
Balancing the Scales: The Role of Justice and Organizational Culture in Employees' Search for Work-Life Equilibrium
Augustin, Sally (1/20/2004)
The Meaning of Office Things: A Study of Special Objects in Office Environments
Stuckey, Sandra (9/2/2003)
Development of Expertise in Physical Thearapist Problem Solving
Kinsey, Kristofer (9/2/2003)
Impact of Unique Wavelengths on Magnocellular Processing
Eddy, Rebecca (9/2/2003)
Effects of School Size on Student Achievement
Berry, Tiffany (9/2/2003)
Exploring the Role of Intrinsic Motivation in a Sample of Latino Children Attending an After School Enrichment Program
Bono, Katherine (9/2/2003)
Self-Regulation and school readiness: Influences of parenting, language ability and temperament
Joseph, Theodore (9/2/2003)
Overshooting the Fundamental Attribution Error: Caribbean Immigrants Living in the United States
Weiss, Rachel (5/17/2003)
Antecedents and Consequences of Workplace Serostatus Disclosure Among a Diverse, Urban Sample of Employed HIV-Infected People
Branin, Joan (5/17/2003)
Correlates of Strategy Use in Medication Adherence Among Older Adults
Mercer, Jeffrey (5/17/2003)
Corporate Social Responsibility and its Importance to Consumers
Chalfin, Julie (5/17/2003)
Examining Principles of Social Psychology to Predict Improved Relations Between Conflicting International Groups
James, Inga (5/17/2003)
Employees as stakeholders: an examination of person-organization fit and corporate social performance
Bledsoe, Katrina (1/21/2003)
Effectiveness of Drug Prevention Programs Designed for Adolescents of Color: A Meta-analysis
Fulgham, Leslie (1/21/2003)
Effects of Videogame Play in Boys: An Examination of Adrenocortical Activity and Behavior
Carpenter, H. (1/21/2003)
Using Naturalistic Teaching Strategies (NaTS) to Promote Coordinated Joint Attention and Gestures in Children with Autism
Schimmelbusch, Anne (1/21/2003)
Discriminating Between Children's Accounts of True and False Events
Bono, Giacomo (1/21/2003)
Commonplace forgiveness among and between groups and the cross-cultural perception of transgressors and transgressions
Reis, Matthew (9/3/2002)
The Effects of Supervisor Feedback Behavior on Employee Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: The Role of Perceived Supervisor Fairness in the Social Exchange Process
Piver, Danielle (9/3/2002)
The Role of Culture and Gender in Children's Development of Display Rules and Theory of Mind
Vrungos, Shelley (9/3/2002)
Increasing HIV Intervention Effectiveness Using an Enhanced Motivational Approach: An Evaluation of a Multi-Component Motivation-Skills Program on HIV Risk Reduction Behavior and Condom Use in Heterosexual College Students
Palucki Blake, Laura (9/3/2002)
Jury Decisions in Hate Crime Cases: Exploring the Role of Extra-Legal Factors
Dolan, Mary (9/3/2002)
Parental Blame in Everyday Situations: Mandates for Mothers and Fathers
Lehman, Barbara (9/3/2002)
Evaluating the "Best Buddies" Program: The Influence of Friendships on Attitudes toward Students with Developmental Disabilities
Mersman, Jennifer (9/3/2002)
Balancing Emphasis in Organizational Culture: How Focusing on Customers, Employees, and Profit Affects Finanical Performance
Le, Loc (9/3/2002)
Increasing Vocabulary Though Question-Asking for Children With Autism
LaBelle, Chris (9/3/2002)
Teaching Pretend Play to Children with Autism Via Naturalistic Teaching Strategies (NATS)
Jones, Michelle (9/3/2002)
Conceptualizing Satisfaction in Performance More Broadly: What Can Be Gained by the Addition of Life Satisfaction and Citizenship Behavior
Wishner, Jennifer (9/3/2002)
Parenting Stress: Developmental Trends and Individual Differences
Alipuria, Linda (5/18/2002)
Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Identity/Self: An Integrated Theory of Identity/Self in Relation to Large Scale Social Cleavages
Rubenstein, Jenna (5/18/2002)
Participative Decision Making (PDM) and Performance: An Examination of Possible Mediating Processes
Finger, Kimberly (5/18/2002)
An Examination of the Cognitive Processes Underlying the Verbal Overshadowing Effect
Wyrick, Phelan (5/18/2002)
Organizational Features as Facilitators of Youth Gang Aggression and Anti-Social Behavior
Menkes, Justin (5/18/2002)
What Do Structured Interviews Actually Measure? A Construct Validity Study
Groves, Kevin (5/18/2002)
An Examination of Leader Social Intelligence and Follower Openness to Organizational Change as Key Components of Charismatic Leadership
Tan, Sherylle (5/18/2002)
The Role of Temperament in the Relation Between Parenting and Young Children's Self-Esteem
Peterson-Manz, Julie (1/22/2002)
Copycats: Homicide and the Press
Collins, Theresa (1/22/2002)
The Effect of a Summer Camp Work Experience Program on Young Adolescents
Barone, C. (1/22/2002)
Mother-Infant Sleep Behaviors in Solitary and Bedsharing Conditions
Bright, Jennifer (9/4/2001)
Commitment of Board Members of Nonprofit Organizations
Cabrera, Saki (9/4/2001)
An Examination of the Influence of Acculturative Stress on Substance Use and Related Maladaptive Behavior Among Latino Youth
Davidson, Elizabeth (9/4/2001)
The Meta-Learning Organization: A Model and Methodology for Evaluating Organizational Learning Capacity
Bentwich, Jonathan (9/4/2001)
The Stimulus-Task-Response Compatibility Model of the Stroop Effect
Axline, Sheryl (5/12/2001)
Proactive Adaptation in ERP Teams: Mechanisms of Team Learning
Coulson, Sheri (5/12/2001)
Relations Between Parental Emotional Support and Control, Children's Cognitive Ability, and Children's Helplessness: The Mediating and Moderating Role of Self-Concept
Henderson, Michael (5/12/2001)
Impact of Romanticism, Commitment, and Internalized Homophobia on Accommodation Processes Among Same-Sex Couples
Baccili, Patricia (5/12/2001)
Organization and Manager Obligations in a Framework of Psychological Contract Development and Violation
Recio, Abelardo (5/12/2001)
Glimpsing Ethnic Identities: An Autophotographic Investigation of Same Ethnic and Other Ethnic Group Orientations Found Among Adolescents
Grayson, Randall (5/12/2001)
Summer Camp as an Intervention for At-Risk Youth
Nofsinger, Chrismon (5/12/2001)
Metaphors and Management: The Use and Usefulness of Metaphors in Organizations
Dello Stritto, Mary (5/12/2001)
Women's Experiences with Media Depictions of Female Sexuality
Taylor, Jennifer (5/12/2001)
Aging Effects on Semantic and Phonological Processing in Picture Naming
Riggio, Heidi (5/12/2001)
Long-Term Consequences of Parental Marital Conflict and Divorce for Family Relationships in Young Adulthood
Quist, Ryan (5/12/2001)
The Social Psychology of Moral Judgment: An Empirical Study of Social Influence and Intergroup Dynamics
Coffman, Jacqueline (1/16/2001)
A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Achievement Motivation
Fryling, Todd (1/16/2001)
The Role of Social Network Brokers for Career Development in the Digital Economy: An Embedded Case Study
Brossoit, Kimberly (8/29/2000)
Understanding Employee Empowerment in the Workplace: Exploring the Relationships Between Transformational Leadership, Employee Perceptions of Empowerment, and Key Work Outcomes
Nalbone, David (8/29/2000)
Testing Competing Theories of the Attitude-Behavioral Intention Link for Attitudes Toward Abortion
Fish, David (8/29/2000)
The Mechanisms of Homogeneity: Individual and Social Structure Influences on Selection Outcomes
Kennison, Robert (5/13/2000)
The Effects of Age, Grammaticality, Chunk Strength, and Similarity in Artificial Grammar Learning
Gamba, Raymond (5/13/2000)
A Cross-Cultural Study of Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Curbside Recycling
Wade, Karen (5/13/2000)
Acculturation Processes, Psycho-Social Resources, and Child Discipline: A Comparison of Latina and Euro-American Mothers
Blanchard, Anita (5/13/2000)
Virtual Behavior Settings: A Framework for Understanding Virtual Communities
Cao, Huyen (5/13/2000)
Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Drinking and Driving Research Among Young Individuals
Huntley, Jill (5/13/2000)
Civil Justice Stories: Testing the Story Model of Juror Decision Making in Civil Litigation
Fallin, Katherine (5/13/2000)
Children of Battered Women: Individual Differences in Children's Externalizing and Internalizing Behavior Problems
Takaku, Seiji (5/13/2000)
Testing a Dissonance-Attribution Model of Interpersonal Forgiveness
Cruzen, Dana (1/18/2000)
Adaptation to Chronic Illness: Perceived Control and Difficulties Related to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Brown, William (1/18/2000)
Organizational Effectiveness in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations: The Influence of the Board of Directors
Gillson, Lynette (1/18/2000)
A Mandate to Serve Expelled Students: An Evaluation of the Implementation of Assembly Bill 922 in a California School District
Farber, Stuart (8/31/1999)
Corporate Entrepreneurship within the Small Single Business Firm
Christidis, Patricia (8/31/1999)
Aging and Face-Name Categorization
Arrigo, Jean (5/15/1999)
Sins and Salvations in Clandestine Scientific Research: A Social Psychological and Epistemological Inquiry
Aberson, Christopher (5/15/1999)
Ingroup Bias and Self-Esteem: A Meta Analysis
Swan, D. (5/15/1999)
Understanding Sexual Behavior as an Interpersonal Process: The Influence of Power on Sexual Risk-Taking and Condom Use within Intimate Relationships
Short, Robert (5/15/1999)
Modern Racism and the Linguistic Intergroup Bias: An Empirical Investigation
Burdon, William (5/15/1999)
Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Release Male Inmates with HIV/AIDS: A Test of a Proposed Theoretical Model
Azin, Mariam (1/19/1999)
The Role of Organizational Culture in Implementation of State Education Policy: The Wyoming Experience
Schaffner, Eric (1/19/1999)
Integrating Acquisitions: Initial Integration Dynamics Following a Corporate Acquisition
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