The DPE Policy Institutes

  As a DPE student, you have the opportunity to participate in several distinct and highly respected research centers.
Lowe Institute for Political Economy

Claremont McKenna College



Behavioral Economics and Institutions Seminar

The BEI Seminar hosts presentations by renowned scholars in the social sciences whose work sheds light on on the interaction of economics, institutions, and psychology.  The seminar is held about every other Thursday at 2pm and is open to the public.

Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies (CIEPS)

CIEPS is internationally known for policy research and analysis of domestic and international economic policy issues.  It is a leader in promoting cooperative work between economists and political scientists.  The institute organizes conferences and sponsors visiting scholars.

The institute collaborates with a number of universities and research institutes in the United States and abroad. It is an important venue for student mentoring, developing skills in applied economic and political economy research as well as preparing policy reports. It promotes research and policy analysis on a wide range of topics.

The Center for Neuroeconomics Studies (CNS)

The CNS investigates the neurophysiology of economic decisions. Researchers draw on economic theory, experimental economics, neuroscience, endocrinology and psychology to develop a comprehensive understanding of human decisions. Click here to go to

The Institute for Democratic Renewal (IDR)

IDR focuses on core issues facing the processes of democracy in the United States and abroad. Its work includes intercultural community building, exploring antidotes to racism and training leaders who work in multicultural communities.

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