The STEAM Journal was simply an idea in one's mind but with the help, support of many it has come into existence. Looking forward to the next steps we are excited to refine and improve the journal based on the many experiences and expertise of the following individuals and groups we thank here (coming soon...)

While there are individuals who are named, the entire department or organization is also thanked for their help.

Schools & Programs at CGU

School of Arts & Humanities
  • Faculty: Dr. Janet Brodie(History) & David Pagel(Art)
  • Staff: Ms. Virginia Aguirre, Ms. Jennifer Gracia, Mr. Chris Christion, Ms. Elysabeth Flores Griffith
  • Students/Alumni: Allison Allford(Art), Patricia Burns(Art), Kelsey Kimmel(Art), Mihyang Kim(Art), Melanie Moore(Art), Dominque Ovalle(Art), Kelsey Picken(Cultural Studies), Tara Prescott(English), Jesse Standlea(Art), & Gail Taylor(Cultural Studies)

School of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences
  • Faculty: Dr. Michelle Bligh & Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Staff: Mr. John Lavelle, Ms. Sherri Nissen, & Ms. Linda Pillow
  • Students/Alumni: Benjamin Uel Marsh(Cognitive Psychology), Vanessa Kettering(Positive Psychology), & Meghana Rao(Positive Organizational Psychology).

School of Community & Global Health
  • Students/Alumni: Mark Dust, Shanna Livermoore, Heather Maynard, Natalee Salcedo, & Lara Steel (also in School of Politic & Economics)

Drucker School of Management
  • Faculty: Dr. Laura Zucker
  • Staff: Ms. Kathy Holden
  • Students/Alumni: Julia Baumgaetner(Arts Management), Alfie Christiansen(Arts Management + CGU staff -Creative Services), Halley Conway(Arts Management), Angela Gonzalez Hall (Arts Management), Ireesh Lal(Arts Management), Christopher Munshaw-Rodriguez(MBA), Maria Paredes(Arts Management), & Kenneth Walker(Arts Management)

School of Educational Studies
  • Faculty: Dr. Barbara DeHart, Dr. David Drew, Dr. Margaret Grogan & Dr. Scott Thomas
  • Teacher Education Program: Ms. Lisa Loop
  • Staff: Ms. Cece Gaddy, Ms. Jeannie Goings, Ms. Maria Gonzalez,  Ms. Conni Terry & Mr. John Rodriguez
  • Students/Alumni: Carolyn Brinkworth, Christopher Brownell, Lorelei Coddington, Shamini Dias, Nancy     Guarneros, Sara Kapadia, Steve O'Sullivan, & Iliana Perez

School of Informational Studies
  • Faculty: Dr. Samir Chatterjee, Dr. Brian Hilton, Dr. Thomas Horan, Dr. Gondy Leroy, & Dr. Lorne Olfman
  • Staff: Ms. Anondah Saide
  • Students/Alumni: Hafsa Aasi, Daniel Firpo, & Nuch Pimpaka

School of Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty: Dr. Ali Nader
  • Staff: Ms. Charlotte Ballesteros
  • Students/Alumni: Aisha Najera Chesler & Michael Franklin

Transdisciplinary Studies Program
  • Faculty: Dr. Wendy Martin(English + Transdisciplinary Studies Program)
  • Staff: Ms. MaryEllen Wanderlingh

Departments, Offices & Councils at CGU

President's Office
  • Dr. Deborah Freund
  • Ms. Donna Standlea
  • Ms. Louise Webber
  • Mr. Tom Kosakowski
  • Ms. DJ Talavera

Provost’s Office
  • Dr. Jacob Adams (Executive Vice President and Provost)
  • Dr. Dean R. Gerstein
  • Dr. Wendy Martin
  • Ms. Alana J. Olschwang
  • Ms. Jeanette Gurrola
  • Ms. Carol Suter
  • Ms. Dolores Castruita

Dean of Students
  • Dean Fred Siegel
  • Ms. Katie Lopez

  • Ms. Esther Wiley
  • Mr. Brendan Babish
  • Mr. Rod Leveque
  • Ms. Mandy Bennett
  • Ms. Sheila Lefor

Graduate Student Council
  • Shelby Hamm(President)
  • Suzanne De Pol(Vice-President)
  • Jane Castanares(Tresurer)
  • Ariel Carpentar(Secretary)
  • all the delegates & school representatives.

Institutional Review Board
  • Dean R. Gerstein
  • Ms. Krissyvan K. Truong
  • Ms. Lisa Kissi-Ayittey
  • Ms. Lara Elise Steele

Office of Information Technology
  • Dr. Carleen Shaffer
  • Mr. Sunny Chau
  • Mr. Greg Mefferd
  • Mr. Carlos Miranda
  • Mr. Michael Thomas

  • Mr. Cliff Ramirez
  • Ms. Edris Stuebner
  • Ms. Gwen Smith

  • Dr. Steven N. Garcia (Treasurer, Senior VP of Finance & Administration)
  • Mr. Dean Calvo (Assistant VP/Assistant Treasurer)
  • Ms. Rob’n Lewis (Director of Accounting)

Writing Center
  • Ms. Katya Fairbanks (Director)
  • Mr. Jeremy Chow (Coordinator)

Mail Room
  • Mr. Ben Dixon
  • Ms. Desiray Graciano

Claremont Colleges Consortium (CUC)
  • Ms. Allegra Swift Gonzalez (Digital Initiatives Librarian)
  • Ms. Norma Rivas (CUC Record Center)
  • Ms. Barbara White (Financial Analyst)

Be Press
  • Ms. Kelsey Corrigan
  • Ms. Michele Gibney
  • Ms. Alison Stichal

University of San Diego & STEAMConnect
  •  Dr. Edward Abeyta

Caltech(California Institute of Technology)
  • Dennis Callahan (Graduate student –Material Science)
  • Dr. Grace Fischer-Adams, JD.

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