Core Faculty

Lorne Olfman - Professor

PhD, Indiana University
Fletcher Jones Chair in Technology Management

I have been on faculty at CGU/CISAT for 21 years, and for me the best single aspect of this university and program is the students because they have carefully chosen this program, and they are motivated to learn.

It is likely that you will choose us because you like our small class sizes and our caring attitude. I utilize these strengths in designing classes that are student-centered. This is reflected in a statement I write in each syllabus: "The approach we will use for this course takes the view that the instructor and students work in a collaborative effort that recognizes the uniqueness of each person. As such, we are all co-producers in learning." I am certain you will find my discovery learning approach to be challenging and rewarding.

I use innovative approaches to teaching and apply technology to facilitate and manage my classes. This fits closely with my research agenda, which features the use of design and action research to enhance social technologies such as e-portfolios, collaboration tools, and knowledge management systems.

Along with Professor Ryan, I welcome you to join the Social Learning Software Lab (SL2), if it is your interest. The lab features many faculty- as well as student-driven research projects. You will be part of regular meetings in which we discuss our research projects and ideas, share literature reviews, and make practice presentations for conference papers and dissertation orals. We also have ongoing meetings among research sub-groups such as the one that is currently designing more effective e-portfolio systems.

Dr. Olfman's CV