Benefits of PFF: Published Research & Student Comments




 CGU Student Comments

 "For me - it's perfect! More than I expected or imagined!"

"It was helpful to get practical advice about how Evernote is used in the university setting. I've used Evernote before, but in a different with lower levels of required sophistication. In particular, it was helpful to hear how it can be tied into citation management and Dropbox."

"Thank you for providing this workshop, very engaging and I learned a lot."

"It helped me think about the goals of my own teaching and class, how to specifically construct the syllabus in details. It gave me a good opportunity to realize that need to systemically design what I am teaching in the future. Thank you."

"This is a great workshop for education theories you need to know. I will look up every theory you provided. Thank you so much! You are amazing! :)"



 Published Research on PFF


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