Claremont Graduate University
Institutional Handbook


I . Fundamental Documents

A. CGU Mission and Credo

B. CGU CUC Constitution

C. CGU Bylaws

II . CGU Facts

A. Organizational Charts:


B. Degrees

C. Academic Calendar

D. Religious Holidays

III . Faculty Governance Policies and Procedures

A. Faculty Governance System

B. Faculty Bylaws

    1.  Intercollegiate Faculty Council

C. Faculty Committee Nomination Process

D. Faculty Standing Committees

E. FEC Faculty Meeting Dates

F. APT Rules

1. Dossier for New Faculty

2. Dossier for Faculty Tenure

3. Templates

    a.  Student Evaluation Letter

    b.  Student Evaluation Survey

    c.  External Referee Request Letters

G. Affirmative Action

H. Procedure for Faculty Searches

I.  Diversity Procedures in the Faculty Search Process

     Diversity Procedures Forms

J. Faculty Disciplinary Policy

K. Faculty Grievance

L. Guidelines for Instruction

M. Policy Teaching Evaluation

1. Sample Course Evaluation

N. Annual Reports

    1. Memorandum Regarding Annual Reports
    2. Annual Report Form

O. Conflict of Interest

P.  Principal Investigator Eligibility

R. Copyright Policy

S.  Video Taping of Classes

        Request to Record Academic Event at CGU

T. Faculty Salary Policy

U. Alleged Misconduct Research Guidelines

V. IRB Information

W. Sabbatical Leave Policy

1. Application for Sabbatical and Leave of Absence

X. Faculty Employment Status Definitions

Y. Faculty Parental Leave Policy

Z. Faculty Retirement Policy

1. Emeritus Status

AA. Role & Responsibility of Deans

BB. Continuing Review of Schools and Departments

CC. Procedure for Approving Academic Reorganization Between Schools

DD. Concurrent Degree Programs

EE. Review of Senior Administrators and Senior Staff

FF. Review of the President

GG. Religious Holidays

IV . Academic Policies and Procedures

A. Academic Honesty & Procedures for Violation of Standards of Academic Honesty

B. Decennial Reviews

1. Sample Memo

2. Schedule Reviews

C. Making Changes in Academic Departments

D. New Programs

E. Financial Considerations for New Programs

F. Criteria for Establishment and Review of Institutes

G. Collective Dialogue

H. Expectations of Academic Departments

I. Guidelines for Non Degree Programs

J. Guidelines for Dual Degrees

K.Dissertation Committee Membership

L. Summer Session

M. Awarding Degrees

N. Guidelines for Awarding Honorary Degrees

O. Guidelines for the Selection of Commencement Speakers

P.  Travel Policy

V  . Adjunct Faculty/CGU Overload Contract and Visiting Scholars

A. Contract Form

B. Procedures for Inviting Visiting Scholars

VI . Grading and Course Schedule

A. Grading System

1. Grade Changes

2. Date Grades Received

B. Course Schedule

C. Timely Submission

VII . Classrooms, Board of Trustees Room and CGU Institutional Spaces

A. Classrooms

B. Board of Trustee Room

C. CGU Institutional Spaces

VIII . Student Affairs and Student Policies

A. General Requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress

B. Academic Honesty

C. Plagiarism

D. Procedure for Canceling Classes

E. Graduate Student Council

F. Student Files

G. Student Grievance

H. Academic Freedom

I. Involuntary Leave Policy

J. Annual Notice - Family Privacy Act

K. CGU Demonstration Policy

L. Substance Abuse Prevention

IX . Financial Aid Policies & Guidelines

A. CGU Policy on Financial Aid

B. Institutional Financial Aid

C. Guidelines for Financial Aid

D. Satisfactory Progress Policy for Institutional & Federal Aid

E. Policy on Allocation of Financial Resources

 X. Benefits and Human Resources Employment Policies

A. Tuition Benefit for Employees

B. Tuition Benefit Policy for Dependents

C. Telecommuting Policy

1. Telecommute Agreement

D. Flex Time Policy

E. Overtime Policy

F. Supplemental Compensation

G. CGU Holiday Observances

H. Time off to Vote

I. Employment Requisition Form

J. Guidelines for Interviewing

K. Confidential Interview Form

L. Staff Grievance Procedure

M. Human Resources and Payroll Procedures

N. Layoff Policy

XI . General Policies For Employees and Students of CGU

A. Basic Code of Conduct

B. Sexual Assault

C. Sexual Harassment

D. Academic Freedom

E. Free Speech Policy

F. Non Discrimination Policy

G. Aids Policy

H. Weapons Policy

I. Substance Abuse Policy

J. Pet Policy

K. Whistleblower Policy

XII . External Affairs

A. Development Principles

B. Fund Policy

C. Implementation Guide

D. Fundraising Guide

E. Gifts

F. Privacy Plan

XIII . Business and Finance Policies

A. Business and Finance Policy Manual

B. Budget Preparation time line

C. Principles of Budgeting

D. Contract Liability Policy

XIV . Computing Policies

A. CGU and CUC Policy Regarding Appropriate Use of Campus Computing and Network Resources

B. Acceptable Use Wordpress Policy

XV . Emergency Information

XVI . CGU Logo and Identification Use

A. Use of CGU Logo

B. Use of University Identification

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