The Paul Gray PC Museum

Current Exhibits

 The Paul Gray PC Museum Case 1 
The Original IBM PC
The Apple ][
TRS-80 Model 1

 The Paul Gray PC Museum Case 2 
Osborne 1
GRid 1101

Case 3
Case 4
Apple and its Descendants
Specialty Computers

Case 5
Case 6
Desktops and Towers
Portables and Kits

Opening Exhibit: Personal Computers

Amiga 1000 (back)

Amiga 1000 (front)

Commodore 128 (back)

Commodore 128 (front)

IBM PC (back)

IBM PC (front)

Morrow (back)

Morrow (front)

Orange (back)

Orange (front)

TRS-80 (back)

TRS-80 (front)

Xerox Star - Model 6085 (back)

Xerox Star - Model 6085 (front)

Minolta (back)

PC World Exhibit: 25 Greatest Computers of All Time

Amiga 1000

Apple ][
Commodore 64
Commodore 64

Apple iMac, Second Edition
Apple PowerBook 100
Apple Powerbook 230

Gateway 2000 Tower

GriD Compass 1001

HP-110 Portable

IBM Original  PC (model 5150)

IBM PC/XT (model 5160)


KayPro II
The first Macintosh computer, introduced in 1984, upgraded to a 512K "Fat Mac"
Original Macintosh
Macintosh Plus

Macintosh II
NexT Cube


IBM Thinkpad

Osborne 1
Toshiba T1000
Toshiba 1000

TRS-80 Model I

TRS-80 Model 100

Xerox Star – Model 6085

(Zenith)Heathkit H1-00

The Portables Exhibit

KayPro I Model 81-021 (back)

KayPro I Model 81-021 (front)

Osborne I (back)

Osborne I (front)

GRID Compass 1101 (back)

GRID Compass 1101 (front)

Radioshack TRS-80 Model 100 (back)

Radioshack TRS-80 Model 100 (front)

ZEOS Model S99102-000 (back)

ZEOS Model S99102-000 (front)

Ottrona Attache (closed)

Ottrona Attache (front)

Datavue Spark Laptop (back)

Datavue Spark Laptop (front)

Sinclair 1000 (back)

Sinclair 1000 (front)

The Permanent Collection




Printers -
Partial List
Displays -
Partial List

- 1000 (2)
- 2000 HD
- 2500

- 3000
Altair 8800
- II Plus
- IIc (2)
- IIe
Apple Macintosh
- 512K (4)
- Centris650
- II (4)
- iMac 2nd generation
- LC
- Performa(2)
- Power
- Quadra650
- SE (4)
- ClassicII
Atari Game System
- 64
- 128
- 16
- VIC 20
- Presario 2240
- Presario 4772
- DeskPro
Dell Desktop (5)
Gateway 2000(3)
Golden Everstar
Honeywell 4012
HP Desktop (4)
- 3270
- 5150(3)
- 5160 (2)
- 5162
- 5170(2)
- PC Jr.
- Valuepoint 433DX (2)
- Valuepoint 486
- Model 30(6)
- Model 60
- Model 70(6)
Leading Edge MP-1673
Microlink (3)
Minolta PCW-1
Morrow (4)
NEC 9733
Northgate 386
Orange+ II
Packard Bell 300
PC Club (6)
PMC 386
Poly Systems
- TRS-80 Model I
- TRS-80 Model II
- TRS-80 Model III
- 1200
Sinclair ZX Spectrum(2)
TI 99/4i (2)
TI PC-100C
Timex Sinclair(6)
Toshiba 7160
Xerox Star 386
Zenith Z-100



Apple Powerbook230
AST Premium Exec
Avanti 025
Commodore ExecSX64
Compaq LTE 4/75C
Datavue Spark
GRID Compass
-1101 (2)
HP 110
-PS/2 L40 SX
-PS/2 P70
KayPro I
KayPro II
NEC Multispeed
Osborne 1 (2)
Osborne 2
Otrona Attache
Panasonic Sr.Ptner

-5200 Color
-Model 100
-Model 200
Winbook XP5
Zenith 286
Zenith 386
ZEOS Freestyle



Citizen PN48
Epson MX-80(2)    
-DeskWriter C
-Deskjet 2276A
-Deskjet 500 (2)
-Laser2686A (2)
Minolta PT-1
NEC Silentwriter
-4045 Laser


-1080 color
-2000 color
-16" color
-19" color
Apple 512
Apple Color
Apple Macintosh
-II Color (3)
-model 1950-B
-model 1084-D
-model 1701
-model 1702
ConRac 7250(3)
Esprit Opus 3n1
-D1193A Ultra
-Ergo Ultra (3)
-5154 color(2)
-PC Jr
-PS/2  color(8)
Minolta CR-1
Morrow MT-70
Packard Bell15" Panasonic
-RGB Projector
Princeton Color(2) Samsung Viewsonic
-7 17"(3)
Tandy CM-5 color
Visual 102
Xerox Star 21"b/w Zenith Z-100

From the Daily Bulletin - May 15th 2008

The Wonder of the PC Museum

In a 50-year career working around computers, Paul Gray managed to pick up many machines dating back to the early years of personal computers. When Gray retired from Claremont Graduate University in 2001, the professor took about 10 computers from his personal collection and used them as the basis for a PC Museum at the university.

"I'm the kind of person who doesn't throw those things away," said Gray, 77. The museum now boasts a collection of more than 100 computers, about 25 printers and 40 monitors. PC Magazine recently named the 50 greatest PC models of all time - Gray's museum houses 40 of those computers.

"Personal computers are something that everyone has, but very few people are familiar with the history of the thing," Gray said.

After Gray got the go-ahead from a dean at the university to start the museum, he solicited computers from friends, alumni and others. The museum received contributions from all over the country, Gray said.

"It's amazing what people had in their attics," Gray said.

The oldest model in the museum is an Altair model from 1975. Gray said he is in the process of acquiring a 1971 computer, which is the oldest known personal computer. Other models are from long-defunct manufacturers that have been largely forgotten, Gray said. "(Personal computers) have only been around really since 1980, 1978, which is really only about 30 years." Gray said. "And yet these things disappear pretty quickly because everyone buys a new computer every two to three years."

The museum's collection is housed in display cases scattered throughout the university's Academic and Computing Science Building, at 130 E. 9th St.

"For people who come to the university, it's one of the first things they're shown," Gray said.


Steven Scott Curl
Chuck Emery
Thomas A. Horan
Jaak Jurison
M. L. Markus
Jungki Min
Lorne Olfman
Robert Umbaugh
  Niv Ahituv
Cap Gemini/Ernst
Young (JerryThode)
Steeve Kay
Vijay Deokar
Douglas Vogel
Anat Zeelim-Hovav
  GenCorp Foundation (J. Harrell)
Morris Kaswen
Jonathan W. Palmer
David E. Petrie
Todd M. Saier
Donna M. Schaeffer
Jerry & Bunny Spanier
Ralph D.Westfall
Diane Wilson
Accenture Foundation
Israel Borovich
Jongbok Byun
Stan Clark
Philip Ein-Dor
Magid Igbaria
Kathy Kelly
  Shih-Chen (Viva) Liu
Donald R. McCrea
Merrill Lynch & Co.
Charles A. Morrissey
Seev Neumann
William Opel
Henry Norton Riley
Israel Spiegler
Moshe Zviran
  Gadi Ariav
Barbara J.Bashein
Ruth A. Guthrie
John F. Harrell
Blake Ives
Leroy C. Lambright
Munir Mandviwalla
  Yong-Tae Park
Eli and Yael Segev
Marianne Seiler
Conrad Shayo
Stevens Institute
  of Technology
  (Jerry Luftman)
Ricardo Teitelroit


Barbara Barbera
Richard T. Beuschel
Jongbok Byun
Dave Chamberlin
Terri Childs
Betty Clay
Geoff Dick
Michael Di Vernieri
Ben Dixon
Phil Dreyer
Frederick J. Duhl
Abe Dweck
  Omar El Sawy
Guy Elzie
Robert Finch
T. FitzSimons
Paul Gaitan
Paul Gray
Mark & Bernadine Greenwood
Donald Griesinger
Andrea Haley
James Harris
Don Harter
Mr. and Mrs. David Hughes
  Ken Jennings
Phornsawan Kanokboriboon
Ken and Julie Kendall
Jim Kieley
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Kraemer
Avrum I. Lapin
Leah Light
Robert Mason
Eugene Murikami
Fred Niederman
William Opel
Mr. and Mrs.
  Daniel J. Power
  Kay Presto
Wm. Bruce Schneider
Michael F. Sedlar
William Seward
Conrad Shayo
Woody Smith
Michael Tan
Jim Thurman
John Vickers
Jennifer Wang
Richard Wells
M. Pat Works