CISAT faculty members operate at the heart of our academic scholarship and research

CISAT Faculty Group PhotoRepresenting distinguished careers in emergent subsets of Information Systems and Technology, our faculty provide students opportunities to critically analyze, discuss, and contribute to the growing knowledge bank of information technology.  All CISAT faculty, who also function as directors of our research laboratories, contribute regularly to scholarly journals, global conferences, international councils, and serve as key information technology consultants for industry-leading organizations.  Small class ratios enable students to work closely with our faculty in classroom and clinical settings, pushing the boundaries of their skillsets in preparation for successful careers.

Visit the links above to read more about our Core, Clinical, Adjunct, and Visiting faculty members.

Core Faculty

Samir Chatterjee

Thomas Horan

Lorne Olfman

Terry Ryan

Yan Li

Andrew Marx

Clinical Faculty         

 Tamir Bechor

 Brian Hilton

Adjunct Faculty       

Zach Dodds

Itamar Shabtai

Amar Raheja

Sonya Zhang

Anthony Corso