IMS Faculty

John Angus
Professor & IMS Director
John Angus Large sample theory, applied and theoretical probability, mathematical statistics, computer intensive methods in statistics, ...
Marina Chugunova
Associate Professor
Marina Chugunova Applied mathematics, scientific computation, partial differential equations, spectral theory, ...
Ellis Cumberbatch
Professor Emeritus
Ellis Cumberbatch Applied mathematics, industrial modeling, differential equations, ...
Adrin Gharakhani
Research Professor
Adrin Gharakhani Computational fluid dynamics, meshless computational methods, parallel computing on heterogeneous hardware, large Eddy simulation, unsteady vortex-dominated and multiphase flows
Hrushikesh Mhaskar
Research Professor
Hrushikesh Mhaskar Approximation theory, computational harmonic analysis, mathematics of data and query processing
Ali Nadim
Professor & Joseph H. Pengilly Chair
Ali Nadim Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, dynamics and rheology of complex fluids, ...
Andrew Nguyen
Adjunct Professor
Andrew Nguyen Probability/statistics
Qidi Peng
Research Assistant Professor
Qidi Peng Probability, statistical inference, stochastic volatility models, Ito calculus, fractional and multifractional Processes, Holder regularity and simulations
Allon Percus
Discrete optimization, random combinatorial structures, network models, statistical physics
Claudia Rangel
Adjunct Professor
Probabilistic methods in computational biology, statistical inference of genetic networks
Alpan Raval
Senior Research Fellow
Machine learning methods for biosequence analysis, mathematical modelling of biological networks
Henry Schellhorn
Associate Professor
Mathematical finance, credit risk, interest rate models, Monte Carlo simulation, ...

IMS Staff

Charlotte Ballesteros
Institute Coordinator

Associated CGU Faculty

Dale Berger
Professor of Psychology
Applied statistics and research methodology, educational technology, ...
David Drew
Professor of Education and Joseph P. Platt Chair
Applied statistics and research methods, mathematics and science, ...
Kathy Pezdek
Professor of Psychology
Applied statistics and research methods, memory and comprehension, ...


Extended Math Faculty at the Claremont Colleges

Aksoy, Asuman Claremont McKenna Analysis
Bachman, David Pitzer Low-dimensional topology
Benjamin, Arthur Harvey Mudd Combinatorics, game theory, operations research
Bernoff, Andrew Harvey Mudd Applied dynamical systems, fluid mechanics, self-similarity and scaling
Castro, Alfonso Harvey Mudd Partial differential equations, variational methods, inverse-function theorems, water waves (solitons)
Chaderjian, Anie Scripps Combinatorics
Chandler, Gabriel Pomona Statistics
de Pillis, Lisette G. Harvey Mudd Computational fluid dynamics, numerical linear algebra, mathematical biology
de Silva, Vin Pomona Computational topology, manifold learning
Flapan, Erica Pomona Topology, topological chemistry, knot theory
Fukshansky, Lenny Claremont McKenna Number theory, discrete geometry
Garcia, Stephan Pomona Complex symmetric operators, operator theory, complex function theory
Gu, Weiqing Harvey Mudd Differential geometry, Grassman manifolds
Hardin, Johanna Pomona Model-based clustering, outlier detection, robust clustering, analysis of microarray data
Hoste, Jim Pitzer Low dimensional topology and knot theory
Huber, Mark Claremont McKenna Computational probability
Hunter, Blake Claremont McKenna Data mining and high-dimensional data analysis
Jacobsen, Jon Harvey Mudd Nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations, fluid dynamics
Kao, Chiu-Yen Claremont McKenna Numerical analysis and scientific computing
Karaali, Gizem Pomona Lie & Hopf algebras, quantum groups, Poisson-Lie structures, combinatorial representation theory
Karp, Dagan Harvey Mudd Algebraic geometry
Landsberg, Adam Joint Science Scientific modeling of complex systems
Levy, Rachel Harvey Mudd Thin films with surfactant, hydrodynamics of whale flukeprints, cooperative strategies for aquatic robotics
Libeskind-Hadas, Ran Harvey Mudd Algorithm design and analysis, complexity theory
Martonosi, Susan Harvey Mudd Operations research, applied probability, aviation security
Milton, John Joint Science Computational neuroscience
Needell, Deanna Claremont McKenna Compressed sensing, randomized algorithms, functional analysis, probability, statistics
Nelson, Sam Claremont McKenna Algebraic topology, knot theory
Omar, Mohamed Harvey Mudd Combinatorial optimization, graph theory, algebraic geometry
O'Neill, Mike Claremont McKenna Complex analysis and harmonic analysis
Orrison, Michael Harvey Mudd Harmonic analysis on finite groups, algebraic voting theory
Ou, Winston Scripps Harmonic analysis
Pippenger, Nicholas Harvey Mudd Discrete mathematics, probability, applications to communications and computation
Radunskaya, Ami Pomona Dynamical Systems, stochastic processes, applications of dynamical systems to instrument modeling, sound generation, and interactive composition
Ray, Animesh Keck Graduate Institute Genomics, computational and systems biology
Rumbos, Adolfo Pomona Nonlinear analysis, differential equations
Sarkis, Ghassan Pomona Number theory and commutative algebra, p-adic formal group
Shahriari, Shahriar Pomona Combinatorics, representation theory of finite groups
Shtylla, Blerta Pomona Mathematical biology, stochastic differential equations, dynamical systems
Sterling, James Keck Graduate Institute Bioengineering, microfluidics
Su, Francis Edward Harvey Mudd Geometric and topological combinatorics, game theory, mathematical economics
Towse, Chris Scripps Arithmetic geometry, algebraic number theory, combinatorics
Williams, Talithia Harvey Mudd Spatial-temporal modeling of rainfall data
Yong, Darryl Harvey Mudd Mathematics education, applied mathematics, perturbation theory, partial differential equations