Tuesday Lunch Talk Series


The Tuesday Lunch Talk Series is scheduled throughout each semester with speakers invited to discuss cutting edge topics.  Occasionally talks are given on subjects relevant to students such as career management and research.  CGU and Claremont Colleges Consortium faculty, students, staff and alum are encouraged to attend.  A complimentary lunch is always provided.  

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Notices of the weekly events are posted on the DPE News & Events page 

Fall SEMESTER 2013

Dr. Matthew McCubbins, Duke

Dr. Jorge Barraza, CGU, "The Neurobiology of Story and Influence"

Dr. Mark Blitz, Claremont McKenna College, "Conserving Liberty"

Dr. Nicholas Weller, University of Southern California, "Cheap, Easy, and Connected: Understanding the Conditions for Collective Action"

Dr. Eunyoung Ha and Dr. Melissa Rogers, CGU, "Shifting the Burden in Global Markets: Partisan Effects on Tax Policy in Developing Nations"

Dr. Pierangelo de Pace, Pomona, "The Time-Varying Leading Properties of the High Yield Spread in the United States"

Dr. Monica Capra, CGU, "Can Personality Type Explain Heterogeneity in Probability Distrotions?"

Dr. Tali Mendelberg, Princeton, "Gender Inequality in Discussion Groups"

Dr. Scott Desposato, UC San Diego, "Negative Campaigning in Comparative Perspective"

Dr. Emma Stephens, Pitzer, "Sharecropping and Commodity Market Participation: Evidence from Ethiopia"

 Dr. Amir Begherpour, US State Department, "From Theory to Practice: How Computational Analytics can Shape the Future of Conflict Stabilization"

Dr. John Ifcher, Santa Clara University, "Using 'Piece-Rate Equivalents' and Relative Payoffs to Explore Gender Differences in the Willingness to Compete"
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Dr. Maritza Salazar, CGU, "Loose vs. Tight Societies: Understanding the Implications for Job Design and Thriving at Work"



Date                      Speaker                               Topic

1/29/13    Dr. Kathleen Bawn, UCLS   "Divisive Politics as the Foundation of Electoral Parties"

2/5/13      Dr. Susan McWililams, Pomona College   "Reclaiming Theoria: How Political Theorists Should Think"

2/19/13    Dr. John Aldrich, Duke University    "If Parties and Candidates are Polarized, When are Voters?"

2/28/13    Dr. Gary Segura, Stanford University SPECIAL EVENT:  "Class Treason and Other Nagging Mysteries"

3/5/13      Dr. Baggio, Arizona State Univ. and Drs. Nelson & Abdollahian, CGU  "Trust, Uncertainty, and Resources

4/2/13     Congresswoman Judy Chu     "A Conversation with Congresswoman Judy Chu"

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Date                      Speaker                               Topic

9/11/12    Darren  Schreiber     "Your Brain is Made for Politics"

9/18/12    Yariv Fadlon    “Statistical Discrimination and the Implication of Employer-Employee Racial Matches”

9/25/12   Jean Schroedel    “The Lived Experience of Foster Care: Recollections of the Past 60 Years”

10/2/12   Alexander Heffner    "Youth, Political Engagement, & the 2012 Presidential Election”

10/9/12   Ludwig Chicarini, "The Crisis of Crowding: Stories from the Crisis of 2008"

10/16/12  Roger Farmer, Between Keynes and Hayek - A Policy Proposal to End this Recession

10/23/12  Allen Omoto    "Sense of Community and the Psychology of Social Action"

10/30/12  David Lake, Globalizing Authority: Legitimate Power in the Modern Age"   

11/6/12    Debbie Freund and Paul Torrens , "An Introduction to Health Reform"

11/13/12   Indridi H. Indridason, "The Politics of Coalitions in Parliamentary Systems: Dividing the Spoils of Office"

11/20/12   Jacob Leos-Urbel, What is a Summer Job Worth? The Impact of Summer Youth Employment on Academic Outcomes

Jacek Kugler and Mark Abdollahian Assessing Political Performance

11/27/12   Andy Johnson    "Personalized prevention: a new public health paradigm at the Claremont School of Community and Global Health"

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