ClaremontCONNECT is a recruiting system that gives CGU students the opportunity to find full-time and internship positions.

  • View the continually updated list of employers
  • Research presentations given by employers and fellowship organizations
  • Submit your resume, cover letter, transcripts and other documents to apply to an organization
  • Sign up and update your interviewing status (for employers who recruit on-campus)
  • Sign up for campus events, fairs, workshops at any of the Claremont Colleges, including CGU

NOTE: Some opportunities posted in ClaremontCONNECT will only be open to certain degree programs or undergraduates only.  Be sure to read job & internship postings carefully.  Apply only to those positions for which you are qualified!

You must regularly check the system for submission and sign-up deadlines, as well as to schedule your interviews.  Reminders will not be given to you from Career Management.  NOTE that most interviews for positions posted in ClaremontCONNECT will take place at one of the undergraduate Claremont Colleges, NOT CGU.

By entering The Claremont Colleges Online Recruiting System, ClaremontCONNECT, you agree to adhere to the Rules, Regulations and Policies of the Claremont Colleges (such as cancelling interview appointments, event RSVPs, etc...with AT LEAST 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled time of the event).  Any abridgement of the rules, regulations and/or policies will result in your job and internship campus recruiting privileges at The Claremont Colleges being revoked.

How to Participate

New Users

Go to:

Click "Register." Then fill out the profile. You must use the middle eight numbers from your student ID#. For example, if your ID# is 2543435678-1, your ClaremontConnect ID needs to be: 54345678. (These numbers are tied to the black strip on the back of your card which will give you access to events.) Verify your email account and then within 24-48 hours your account will be approved.

If it says you are already in the system...

Click Forgot Password. Use your middle eight digits. Click Go. A new link to login and set password will be emailed to you.


Current Users (Login Trouble Shooting)

We have updated CLAREMONTConnect with new student id numbers so that you may attend any career events at the Claremont Colleges that require you to swipe your student id card. Your new CLAREMONTConnect user id will be the middle eight digits on your id card. These middle eight digits are networked with the black stripe on the back of your id card. This will allow you to attend events like Consulting Night, etc. So if your id is 254345678-1, your user name will now be 54345678 going forward.

So to use CLAREMONTConnect...

Step #1: Click on this link:

Step #2: Click "Forgot Password" to choose a password.

Step #3: Type in the middle eight digits on your student id card (54******) and click go.

Step #4: You will be sent an email either to your cgu email or your personal account. It will look like this:

Your NACELink password has been set as shown below. If you wish to change this password, pelase log into your account. Your login information is as follows:

             Username: 54******

             Password: Please set your password using the following URL

Step #5: Click the link sent to you and you will be logged in and have a new username and password which yu can use in the future going forward.

If you are still having trouble with the system, feel free to call or email us.