Prospective or Future International Students at Claremont Graduate University

Prospective International Students

As a prospective CGU student, you can receive assistance on all of your immigration needs from our staff. This includes questions about your I-20 (F-1 Student) or DS-2019 (J-1 Student/Scholar) immigration forms, transferring to CGU from another school, health insurance, obtaining a letter to help get a Social Security card (only after you have secured a job), and traveling outside of the United States.

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Admission Requirements

In addition to specific requirements set for international students, you must abide by the same general admission requirements and processes that are required of domestic students. Check both listings during your admissions process.

General Admission Requirements These general admission sections include:
  1. Before You Apply
  2. Applying to CGU
  3. Financing Your Education
  4. Your Admission Packet
  5. Next Steps
  6. Check both listings during your admission process.
TOEFL Requirement
  • All applicants whose native language is not English and/or who do not hold a degree (or are not in the process of earning a degree) from a US college or university must submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores.

    To be considered for admission, applicants are required to achieve a minimum score of 85 (iBT),with section scores of no less than: Writing 22, Speaking 17, Reading 20, Listening 17.
  • Submitted TOEFL scores may not be more than two years old.
  • To learn more about the TOEFL or to sign up please visit CGU’s institutional reporting code is 4053.
IELTS Requirements University of Cambridge's International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score may be considered in lieu of a TOEFL score. Applicants are required to achieve a minimum score of 6.5 or higher.
Transcript Guidelines These guidelines are being provided as a supplement to CGU's official transcript guidelines in order to address the common issues and questions faced by international applicants.
Additional Information Applicants with permanent resident status or American citizens whose native language is not English may be required to take the TOEFL. If admitted, you may also be required to take a non-credit English course during your first semester of enrollment.
Study in the States The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched the Study in the States initiative to enhance our nationís economic, scientific and technological competitiveness by finding new ways to encourage the most talented international students to study and learn about expanded post-graduate opportunities in the United States.


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I-20 / DS-2019 Requirements

Once your application is accepted and you are admitted into the program of your choice, the International Services staff will assist you with processing the required I-20 (F-1 Student visa status) or DS-2019 (J-1 Student/Scholar visa status). The requirements for obtaining an I-20 or DS-2019 are listed below:

Tuition Deposit/Intent to Enroll ONLINE:
Affidavit of Financial Support Submit a signed “Affidavit of Financial Support” form, verifying that you have the financial means to attend CGU.
Financial Statement or Proof Submit financial proof (i.e. bank document, letter from sponsor, etc.) of the statements made on the "Affidavit of Financial Support" form.
SEVIS Transfer Requirements If you currently have a SEVIS record, you will need your school or university to complete the "Transfer from CGU" form and transfer your current SEVIS record.
Change of Status If you are seeking a change of status to an F-1 or J-1, please refer to the "Change of Immigration Status" form and email our office at

After you receive your I-20 or DS-2019, you may apply for your visa at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in your home country. You should allow at least 1-2 months for this process.


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International Student Orientations

All International Students are required to attend three orientations:

All-CGU New Student Orientation The All-CGU Orientation will allow you to become acquainted with the full scope of CGU Student Services available and ensures you have everything you need to begin coursework.
I-Place International Student Orientation and Check-In Upon arrival at CGU, all International students are required to attend the International Student Orientation, presented by the International Place (I-Place). These are the steps to follow:
  1. Find out dates and times
  2. RSVP to the event
  3. Sign up for a Check-In appointment with one of the international student advisors on the CGU campus. Check-in is mandatory prior to registering for classes.
  4. Requirements for Check-In are listed in the next section.
Specific Program/Department Orientation The school/program-specific orientations focus more directly on the program you are starting. It also introduces you to department staff, faculty, and peers.


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Check-In List (needed for I-Place Orientation)

The following items are requirements for check-in.
A downloadable list is available to help keep you on track.

Passport Student must bring passport, I-94 card, and visa (F or J)
Stamped I-20 (If applicable) If you have received an initial status I-20 while out of the US, it must have been stamped through the point on entry
Graduate Medical History Report This form needs to be signed by Student Health Services. More information at International Student Orientation Day.
Tuberculosis Testing The Student Health Service requires that all new international students undergo screening or provide proof of tuberculosis testing by the end of your first semester.
Health Insurance Immigration policy requires that all international students be covered by an insurance policy. There are two ways to satisfy these institutional and governmental rules:

  • Purchase CGU Health Insurance. For pricing and information please click here; or
  • Purchase and provide proof of health insurance from an independent provider.
Please visit our FAQ section on Health Insurance for more information.


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International Student Resources

The I-Place As a multi-functional inter-college space, I-Place is an exciting hub of international activity throughout the year. It is a "home away from home" for both students from abroad and here in the United States; a lounge for relaxing with a cup of coffee and a newspaper, or just to hang out!

The I-Place of The Claremont Colleges is also a center for cultural exchange and educational programming on key global issues, as well as a resource for international students.


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