Criteria for GSC support and recognition of student clubs

Many student clubs exist solely by sponsorship of the Graduate Student Council (GSC). On an annual basis, each club must meet the following criteria in order to receive GSC support and recognition:

  1. The club must have a minimum of 10 CGU students;
  2. The club must have a faculty advisor
  3. Membership must be open and actively advertised to all CGU students;
  4. Conduct an election or appointment of club officers/organizers at least once each calendar year;
  5. Conduct at least 3 meetings/events during the academic school year. All meetings and events must be advertised throughout the CGU campus;
  6. Conduct at least one club officer meeting each semester to coordinate club activities;
  7. Submit an annual status report to the GSC Vice President detailing the club’s officers, faculty advisor, financial activity, as well as past and planned events; (See GSC Annual Club Status Form);
  8. Mention the sponsorship of the GSC on all promotional literature using GSC logo (all flyers that will be distributed or posted must be approved by the Dean of Students);


Application process to start a GSC recognized club

To begin a new club or revive a pre-existing club, the following process must be followed:

  1. A GSC New Club Application form must be submitted to the GSC Vice President. Clubs are encouraged to create a Club Charter and submit that along with the application form.
  2. All fields in the application form must be filled in. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  3. Applications may be submitted at any time during the academic year to begin a new student club. This application when approved will give the club the Start Up Funds of $100.
  4. Submit the application form to the GSC Vice-President. You can submit the forms to the GSC Mailbox in the CGU Mailroom, Harper Basement. Email the GSC Vice-President to notify the GSC Executive Board of the submission. Contact details for the VP are available on the GSC website.
  5. Applications will be considered at the next Executive Board meeting from the date of submission.


Club Funding

The GSC will support each officially recognized CGU student club as follows:

  1. Start Up Funds - An initial allocation of $100 to cover start-up expenses
  2. Semester Club Funding: A budget allocation of $100 per semester can be applied for in the first 30 days of each semester. Funds are generally given out as reimbursements to receipted claims made against the semester allocation.
  3. Special Club Funding: Eligibility to receive additional funds from the GSC for special events that are open to the CGU community. Funds are generally given out as reimbursements to receipted claims made against the semester allocation.
  4. A link on the GSC website to the Club’s webpage if they have one.
  5. Promotion of events via the GSC Calendar as requested by the Club.

Additional details on the terms and conditions for Club Funding, and the application procedure are found in the Club Funding & Reimbursement Forms.