Student Associations at CGU

Some schools at CGU have their own student government that looks after student life within the school, acts as student advocates in addressing issues and concerns students have with the school administration. The GSC works in partnership with student associations in organizing events and building community at CGU, as well as in ensuring that the different perspectives of each school are shared and clearly represented in our interactions with the University administration.

The GSC encourages all schools to develop their own student associations so that there is a stronger representation of student perspectives in school governance.

Name President
Drucker School Student Association (DSSA) De'jon Glover
School of Community & Global Health Student Association (SCGH - SA) Jessica Rivera
School of Educational Studies Student Association (SESSA) Gloria Page
School of Religion Student Council (RSC) Shelby Hamm
Student Council of Arts & Humanities (SCAH) Shelby Hamm


In addition, students have created student associations to welcome and support the diverse experiences of students at CGU. The GSC encourages students who are interested in creating student associations that recognize and support students on the basis of gender, nationality, racial and ethnic, religious and/or sexual orientation to contact the Dean of Students, as well as the Vice President of GSC for more information.

Name Main Contact
Black Graduate Student Association --
Korean Student Association --
Latino/a Graduate Student Association --
Queer Graduate Union