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The Process for Student Research Profiles Page

Thank you for your interest in being part of CGU's Student Research web profiles, hosted by the Graduate Student Council (GSC). Any current CGU student may participate. In order to maintain the site, please note the following procedures have been put in place:

  • At the middle and end of each semester, an email will be sent to student body to call attention to Student Research web pages and invite students to submit profiles.
  • Interested students can go online to fill out the questionnaire form, attach a photo, and submit both for upload. The submitted form will be sent to the Graduate Student Council.
  • A GSC member or committee will review the submitted form for language and reasonable content, but they will not verify the information for accuracy.

Approved forms will be filed into a queue for later upload. Approved forms will be uploaded three times a year*, during the first week of each new semester (spring, summer, and fall). Any form submitted after the first week of a semester has passed will remain in the queue until the following semester begins. The newly uploaded forms will be uploaded to the current student profile webpages. As new profiles are added, older profiles on the page will be automatically archived. These archived files will still be available for review for a minimum of a year.

*While on the whole uploads will occur at the top of each semester, depending on the traffic volume, the GSC may upload new profiles as they come in.

  • After each semester upload, an email will be sent to students and faculty to advertise the page