Jose D. Z˙˝iga

Jose D. Zúñiga

PhD in Botany
AREA OF RESEARCH: Plant Systematics

What draws you to this area of research?

I've always been curious about the natural world and I've enjoyed the outdoors since I was a kid. At one point I realized that I was really interested in learning as many plants as possible, and being from a country like Costa Rica that turned out to be a huge task. All that led me to get an undergraduate degree in Biology, and being now at CGU's Department of Botany at RSABG is just a great way to train myself for making a significant contribution in my area of research.

Would you like to collaborate?


Areas for collaboration (research studies, publishing, conference presentations, etc.)

Although I'd like to collaborate, it's hard at CGU because there are no other basic science departments.

Publications / Presentations


  • Poster presented at the California Botanical Society Grad Student Meetings in San Jose, CA (Feb, 2010) Systematics of Meliosma (Sabiaceae): insight from molecular and morphological data.

Future goals as a scholar

Research on tropical plants, teaching.

Must-read books or articles in your field

For general reading on Botany, Raven's "Biology of Plants" is probably the best reference out there.

For botanizing in California, "The Jepson Manual" and "The Jepson Desert Manual" are the best resources available. Both of them are technical books, so if you are inexperienced arm yourself with good glossary of botanical terms and patience or get an illustrated guide to become familiar with the flora.

Helpful resources outside of CGU (blogs, websites, social networking sites, etc. that connect with your areas of research)