Michael  Franklin

Michael Franklin

PhD in Mathematics
AREA OF RESEARCH: Numerical Methods and Microfluidics

What draws you to this area of research?

I've always been fascinated with the way that the "real world" can be modeled by mathematics and physics, and my undergraduate studies were in the areas of "Engineering Physics" and "Applied Math" due to this fascination.  Graduate school at CGU has given me the opportunities to explore mathematical modeling further, and the more I learn about it, the more I realize how broad and expansive the field really is.  Fluid dynamics has always been interesting to me, but since so much work has been done in the field for hundreds of years, it was very intimidating to jump on board.  Microfluidics seemed to be an up-and-coming field that had many real-world applications, and also provide a vast amount of mathematical modeling potential.

Would you like to collaborate?


Areas for collaboration (research studies, publishing, conference presentations, etc.)

I would love to collaborate with fellow scholars in my field, which unfortunately at CGU isn't that substantial.  So most collaborations would appear to be from other universities in my particular area of research.  I am currently collaborating on a Research & Development project between KGI and a biotech company, Tecan, which has me working beside scientists at KGI, a post-doc student from Harvey Mudd College, a Master's student at KGI, and industry liasons at Tecan.  CGU offers many opportunities for collaboration in their Mathematics Clinics, which generally involve small teams of graduate students, faculty members, and members of industry.

Would you say your research is Transdisciplinary?


My area of research involves subjects such as numerical analysis, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science.  This is one of the biggest reasons I've ended up studying applied mathematics - because I love so many different areas of science, and instead of focusing on only one area, applied math allows me to cohesively engage in all areas simultaneously.

Publications / Presentations

I gave a conference presentation at the SIAM conference in San Diego two years ago.

Future goals as a scholar

My short(er) term goals are to finish my Ph.D., and then I hope to end up in an industry-related career that still allows me to have the research aspect and "cutting-edge" feel that I've gotten accustomed to during my studies at CGU.

Must-read books or articles in your field

  • "A Conservative Level Set Method for Two Phase Flow" by E. Olsson, G. Kreiss (2005)
  • "Sharp Interface Tracking Using the Phase-field Equation" by Y. Sun, C. Beckermann (2007)
  • "Hydrodynamic Flows in Electrowetting" by S.H. Ko, H. Lee, K.H. Kang (2008)

Helpful resources at CGU

Helpful resources outside of CGU (blogs, websites, social networking sites, etc. that connect with your areas of research)

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