Here are resources you can download in PDF format. You can also get print copies of these at the Writing Center.

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Conference Papers

Preparing Papers for Conferences in the Humanities

Preparing Papers for Conferences in the Social Sciences

Conference Proposals and Abstracts

Tips for Conference Discussants and Respondents

Tips for Delivering Conference Papers

Types of Conference Presentations


Grammar and Style

Coordination and Subordination

-ED versus -ING

Article Usage

Fragements and Run-ons

Independent and Dependent Clauses


Parallel Structure

Passive Voice

Perfect Tenses

Prepositions and Regional Expressions

Getting to the Point, or Putting Your Prose on a Diet

Simple and Progressive Tenses

Subject-Verb Agreement

Using Articles


The Writing Process

Writing Summary Notes

Choosing and Narrowing a Topic

Components of Graduate Papers

An Inappropriately Linear Approach to Writing a Research Paper

Organizing Your Ideas

Remembering Your Audience

Strategies for the Writing Process

The Writing Process Reconsidered


Writing Specific Types of Papers

Writing Argumentative Essays

Autobiographies vs. Memoirs

Bibliography for Writing an Autobiography

Writing a Book Review

Business vs. Academic Writing

Critical Think Pieces

Grad School Personal Statement

Information Science: Parts of an Empirical Paper

Suggestions for Writing an Autobiography

Surveying the Literature


Working With Sources 

APA Style Sample

CGU Plagiarism Policy

Documenting Sources

Ethical Use of Source Documents

Evalutating Sources

Examples of Notetaking and Response

Historical Footnote Forms

Keep a Researcher's Notebook

A Note on Internet Sources

Sample Citations

Sources on Style

Tips for Handling Quotations

Tips for Writing Specific Information Notes


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