Recent Dissertations


Alrushiedat, Nimer, Anchored Asynchronous Online Discussions: Facilitating Engagement, Collaboration, Social Learning, and Self-Efficacy in a Blended Environment, 2011.

Botts, Nathan, Personal Health Records Use Among Vulnerable Populations, 2011.

Canelon Herrera, Jesus Hernan, Do Facework Behaviors Matter During Conflicts Among Online Discussion Team Members?

Dozier, Kenneth Edward, Theory, Design and Evaluation of a Learning Object Game Immersed in Complex Systems  "LOGICS"

Eryilmaz, Evren, Understanding the Paradox of Mental Effort in Online Learning Conversations

Harold, Dolly Amy, Making Sense of Information Sharing in E-Government Inter-Organizational Collaborations: A Malaysian Perspective

Feldman, Sue, Public-Private Interorganizational Sharing of Health Data for Disability Determination, 2011.

Gohavi, Gita, Virtualizing Experiential Learning, 2011.

Kasemvilas, Sumonta (Kate), Design Mechanisms for MediaWiki to Support Collaborative Writing in a Mandatory Context, 2011.

Kwak, Myungjae, Development and Evaluation of a Predicate-Based Biomedical Search Engine Using Design Science Methodology

Liapis, Chris, Human Threading, 2011.

Obal, Lorie, VistA/CPRS and the Veterans Health Administration: A Case Study on Electronic Health Record Impact in Primary Care

Piepkorn, Farnaz, The Impact of IT on the Role of a Community of Practice Moderator in the Coalescing Stage

Price, Alan, A Secure Behavior Modification Sensor System for Physical Activity Improvement, 2011.



Gonzales,Carol, Eliciting Users Requirements using Appreciative Inquiry

Kim, Daekil, Empirical Study of Determinants of Corporate Web Services Adoption: Evidence from a Firm-Level Survey of Companies in Korea, 2010.

Kim, Rosemary Han, Self-Directed Learning Management System: Enabling Competency and Self-Efficacy in Online Learning Environments, 2010.

Li, Haiqing, Designing Effective Persuasive Systems Utilizing the Power of Entanglement: Communication Channel, Strategy & Affect, 2010.
San Nicolas-Rocca, Tonia, Identification and Access Management: An Action Research Approach to Develop a Training Strategy for Higher Education, 2010

Garrett,Nathan, An Eportfolio Design Theory Supporting Ownership, Social Learning, and Ease of Use

Iriberri Ajuria,Alicia Mireya, Internet Crime Reporting: Design and Evaluation of a Computer Investigative Interview System

Leih, Michael, Case Studies of IT Governance for Sarbanes-Oxley, 2009.

Thoms, Brian, Expanding Learning and Social Interaction Through Intelligent Systems Design:  Implementing a Reputation and Recommender System for the Claremont Conversation Online

Usher, Barbara, An Examination of the Role of IT Governance, Interorganizational Collaborations, and Interorganizational Learning in ERP Post-Implementations, 2009.


Bryant, William, Media Mixing Architectures for Ad hoc collaboration, 2008.
Cho, Jun Gee, Open Source Project Management: From the Integrated Control Perspective, 2008
Kosaka, Kristie, Trust in Secure Ad hoc On-line Collaboration, 2008.
Marich, Michael, An Analysis of Emergency Response Architecture, 2008.
Navarette, Celene, Cross Cultural Analysis of Trust and E-Government Use, 2008.

Smith, Wayne, Assessing the Minimal Conformance with Web Accessibility and Technical Recommendations for Universities and Colleges in California (Co-chair with Paul Gray), 2008.

Abhichandani, Tarun, Online Satisfaction with E-Governmental Services, 2007

Guthrie, Randy, Audience Directed Models and Software Design, 2007

Hassan, Taimur, Health Management and Support System: A Mobile Context-Aware Behavior Modification System, 2007.

Judge, Robert, Simulating Knowledge Flows to Formulate Strategies for Implementing Knowledge Management in Small Organizations, 2007

Lafky, Deborah, Inductive Design of User-Taxonomy for Personal Health Records, 2007.

Maheshwari, Megha, Computer-tailored Motivational Message Generation for Healthy Lifestyle: A New Model based on Behavior Change Theories, 2007.

Stager, John, Collaboration Through Online Bohmian Dialogue, 2007.
Zhang, Sonya Xuesong, Model, Design, and Efficacy of Next-Generation ePortfolio Systems, 2007