Skype Appointment Details

Living away from campus? Meet with us on Skype.

The Benefits of Skype Sessions

  • Meet from any where you like
  • Get the interaction of an in-person appointment
  • Share your screen so the consultant can see your work
  • Receive immediate feedback to your questions and concerns

 Meeting with the Writing Center on Skype

Step 1

Download Skype for free. Install the program and set up an account in your name.
Step 2

Log in to your account, select "add contact" and search for the username "cguwriting." (These directions are provided each time you schedule a Skype appointment. However, you only need to add cguwriting once.

 Step 3

Set an appointment using our online calendar. (Skype sessions count toward the one appointment per week maximum the Writing Center allows.)

Step 4

At the time of your appointment, log in to your account and call cguwriting. The available video feature is optional. Most sessions are conducted without video.

Step 5

During your session you can share your computer screen with the consultant so they can see your work. Directions for screen sharing on a PC and Mac using the menu options and screen buttons are as follows.

Screen Sharing on a PC

Screen Sharing on a Mac

Screen sharing on a PC using the drop down menu

Screen sharing on a Mac using the drop down menu

Step 6

Similar to the options for screen sharing, you can stop sharing your screen using either the drop down menu or the buttons in your call window.

 Step 7

When your session has ended, you or the consultant can simply end the call by hanging up using the red reciever button in the call window.

More details on how Skype works can be found on the Skype website.

Click here to set up a Skype appointment.





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