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Company Reimbursement and Third-Party Sponsors

How to Request:

  • Students who receive complete or partial tuition support from their employer or third party sponsor must submit a letter to the Student Accounts Office as proof of their participation in a tuition support benefit plan.
  • The letter must be submitted at the time the student registers at the beginning of each semester.
  • The letter must be signed by an authorized member of the company or sponsor other than the student, must be on appropriate letterhead, and must clearly state the terms and conditions of the tuition support benefit plan including, but not limited to, the exact percentage and/or dollar amount of coverage.
  • This office will then mail out an invoice to the employer or sponsor AFTER the add/drop period has taken place.* The employer may then remit payment by credit card, check, money order, or wire transfer.
    *(For this reason, we ask that all sponsored students notify this office if there is a change in registration AFTER the add/drop period has passed.)

The Payment Process:

  • The student may defer payment for up to 90 days from the last day of the semester at no additional cost with this valid confirmation. After that point in time, late payment fees will accrue on the student account until payment is received.
  • The amount deferred is the anticipated payment that will be made by the company or third party sponsor.
  • If the tuition support is less than 100%, the student can either submit payment for their personal contribution before the beginning of the semester or may enroll in the monthly payment plan (through Academic Management Services at 1-800-635-0120 or and pay in installments.  Either option for the payment of one's personal contribution portion is subject to the regular due dates   (The 26th of every month).

Third-Party Sponsored Students Only, mark your calendars for the following due dates:

Fall            March 26

Spring       August 26

Summer    November 26

Please note: While individual students bear the ultimate responsibility for payment on their account, they may register for the current semester by paying or arranging payment for the portion of their registration costs not covered by an employer or sponsor. Should a student receive a grade of Incomplete, and, thus, not qualify for company reimbursement, the deferred tuition and fees for this course are still due within the 90 day time frame. No payment extensions will be made beyond the 90 days.  In the event that a students' company/sponsor defaults on their obligation to make payment on behalf of the student, the student will be removed from the Deferred Payment Plan and payment will be due immediately. 

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