Greetings from the President's Office

Deborah A. Freund


Claremont Graduate University
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Deborah A. Freund, Claremont Graduate University's 15th President

Dear Friends and Visitors:

A hearty welcome to Claremont Graduate University.  I hope that you will discover here a place that matches your passion to make a difference in the world.

The University is a small institution where students and faculty regularly interact in the exploration of the frontiers of knowledge and together imagine how they can make a significant difference in and for the world and its people.

It is a beautiful place.  The campus is well-designed and welcoming.  The architecture is interesting, and the climate is wonderful. Excellent libraries and other facilities are readily available, and we are located in one of the more beautiful small cities in the United States.

Set in the academic context of the highly acclaimed Claremont colleges we promote the ideals of our first president, James Blaisdell.   He once said that “The center of a college is in great conversation, and out of the talk of college life springs everything else.”

Here at Claremont, an outstanding and accomplished faculty is dedicated to promoting great conversations that really matter---in the classroom and at leisure, in research and in social action, within the university and outside it.

We also have a group of the most talented and creative graduate students anywhere, and an unusually competent and caring staff. 

Great conversations that matter encourage us to be transdisciplinary.  Increasingly, advances in knowledge come from people and teams that blend disciplines.  Society’s most important challenges refuse to be confined to a single discipline or profession.  So, for theory and for practice, we encourage great conversations across fields of study and out into the world.

Throughout the website you will find evidence that Claremont Graduate University’s aim is to enable transformative education for those of you who join us as students in our pursuit of excellence in thought and action.

In summary, to enable a strong focus on you as a graduate student, Claremont Graduate University is:

  • Intensively interactive with small classes and gifted professors.
  • Graduate-only, so that professors are completely dedicated to you as a graduate student.
  • Transdisciplinary, so that you can pursue your research or your professional development in just the right ways for what you are solving or seeking.
  • Applied, so that your research and your professional training will make a difference.
  • Diverse, representing a commitment to be a community that embodies who we are as a nation and a world.

The result, we believe, is that Claremont Graduate University provides an educational experience found nowhere else in the world.

We invite you to learn more by exploring this website.  And if you want to see and know more, please come visit and see for yourself how CGU can fuel your passion to make a difference in your life and in the world.


Deborah A. Freund

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