Faculty Publications

A Sample of Books by DBOS Core Faculty



Credible and Actionable Evidence:
The Foundation for Rigorous and Influential Evaluations, 2nd Ed
, by Stewart I. Donaldson, Christina A. Christie, and Melvin M. Mark
Princples and Methods of Social Research, 3rd Ed, by William D. Crano, Marilynn B. Brewer, and Andrew Lac Warring with Words, by Michael Hanne, William D. Crano, and Jeffrey S. Mio

Social Psychology, 7th Ed, by  Michael A. Hogg and Graham Vaughan Social Psychology, 7th Ed, by Graham Vaughan and Michael A. Hogg  





Emerging Practices in International Development Evaluation by Stewart I. Donaldson, Tarek Azzam, and  Ross Conner The Future of Evaluation in Society: A Tribute to Michael Scriven by Stewart I. Donaldson Journal of Social Issues Special Issue: Uncertainty and Extremism by Michael A. Hogg, Arie Kruglanski, and Kees van den Bos




The Rules of Influence: Winning
When You're in the Minority
William Crano
Teaching Psychology Online: Tips and Strategies for Success by Kelly Neff and Stewart I. Donaldson Extremism and the Psychology of Uncertainty by Michael Hogg and Danielle Blaylock
Exploring Distance in Leader-Follower Relationships by Michelle Bligh and Ronald Riggio    




 Applied Positive Psychology: Improving Everyday Life, Health, Schools, Work, and Society
by Stewart I. Donaldson, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Jeanne
Social Psychology and Evaluation
by Melvin M. Mark, Stewart I. Donaldson, & Bernadette Campbell
Early Development and Leadership: Building the Next Generation of Leaders By Susan E. Murphy & Rebecca Reichard




Advancing Validity in Outcome Evaluation: Theory and Practice
by Huey T. Chen, Stewart I. Donaldson, & Melvin M. Mark




Understanding Organ Donation: Applied Behavioral Science Perspectives
by Jason T. Siegel & Eusebio Alvaro

Infants and Toddlers at Work: Using Reggio-inspired Materials to Support Brain Development
by Ann Lewin-Benham & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi







Good Mentoring: Fostering Excellent Practice in Higher Education
by Jeanne Nakamura & David J. Shernoff

Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations
by John M. Levine & Michael A. Hogg

Essentials of Social Psychology 
by Michael A. Hogg & Graham Vaughan




What Counts as Credible Evidence in Applied Research and Evaluation Practice?
by Stewart I. Donaldson, Christina A. Christie, & Melvin M. Mark

Attitudes and Attitude Change
by William D. Crano & Radmilla Prislin

Social Psychology 
by Michael A. Hogg & Graham M. Vaughan (5th edition)




Program Theory-Driven Evaluation Science: Strategies and Applications
by Stewart I. Donaldson
Experience Sampling Method: Measuring the Quality of Everyday Life
by Joel M. Hektner, Jennifer A. Schmidt, & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The Sage Handbook of Social Psychology: Concise Student Edition
by Michael A. Hogg & Joel Cooper





Applied Psychology: New Frontiers and Rewarding Careers
by Stewart I. Donaldson, Dale E. Berger, and Kathy Pezdek

Expert Psychological Testimony for the Courts
by Mark Costanzo, Daniel Krauss, & Kathy Pezdek

A Life Worth Living: Contributions to Positive Psychology
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Isabella Selega Csikszentmihalyi



Sexual Orientation And Mental Health: Examining Identity And Development in Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual People
by Allen M. Omoto & Howard S. Kurtzman
Follower-Centered Perspectives on Leadership: A Tribute to the Memory of James R. Meindl
by Boas Shamir, Rajnandini Pillai, Michelle C. Bligh, & Mary Uhl-Bien





Social Psychology
by Michael A. Hogg & Graham M. Vaughan
Processes of Community Change and Social Action
by Allen M. Omoto





Good Business: Leadership, Flow, and the Making of Meaning
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Attitudes and Opinions
by Stuart Oskamp & P. Wesley Schultz (3rd edition)
The Social Psychology of Inclusion and Exclusion
by Dominic Abrams, Michael A. Hogg, & Jose Marques




Evaluating Social Programs and Problems: Visions for the New Millennium
by Stewart I. Donaldson and Michael Scriven
Leadership and Power: Identity Processes in Groups and Organizations
by Daan Van Knippenberg & Michael A. Hogg
The SAGE Handbook of Social Psychology
by Michael A. Hogg & Joel Cooper





The Meaning of Things: Domestic Symbols and the Self
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Eugene Halton
Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet
by Howard Gardner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, & William Damon
Mass Media and Drug Prevention: Classic and Contemporary Theories and Research
by William D. Crano and Michael Burgoon



Social Identity Processes in Organizational Contexts
by Michael A. Hogg
Principles and Methods of Social Research
by William D. Crano & Marilynn B. Brewer





Group Processes
by Michael A. Hogg & Scott Tindale






Becoming Adult: How Teenagers Prepare for the World of Work
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Barbara Schneider

Attitudes, Behavior, and Social Context: The Role of Norms and Group Membership
Michael A. Hogg & Deborah Terry

Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination
by Stuart Oskamp



Social Identity and Social Cognition
by Dominic Abrams & Michael A. Hogg
Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Susan Jackson

Social Psychology: An Applied Perspective
by P. Wesley Schultz & Stuart Oskamp


Resolving Social Delimnas: Dynamics, Structural, and Intergroup Aspects
by Margaret Foddy, Michael A. Hogg, & Sherry Schneider
Violence in Intimate Relationships
by Ximena B. Arriaga & Stuart Oskamp
Addressing Community Problems: Psychological Research and Interventions
by Ximena B. Arriaga & Stuart Oskamp




Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life
by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi
Applied Social Psychology
by Stuart Oskamp & P. Wesley Schultz
Cross-Cultural Work Groups
by Cherlyn Skromme Granrose & Stuart Oskamp







The Recovered Memory/False Memory Debate
by Kathy Pezdek & William P. Banks
Understanding and Preventing HIV Risk Behavior: Safer Sex and Drug Use
by Stuart Oskamp & Suzanne C. Thompson
Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi




Diversity in Organizations: New Perspectives for a Changing Workplace
by Martin Chemers, Stuart Oskamp, & Mark Costanzo
The Evolving Self
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Changing the World: A Framework for the Study of Creativity
by Henry Feldman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, & Howard Gardner





Gender Issues in Contemporary Society
by Stuart Oskamp & Mark Costanzo
Group Motivation: Social Psychological Processes
by Michael A. Hogg & Dominic Abrams
Social Psychology of Group Cohesiveness: From Attraction to Social Identity
by Michael A. Hogg



Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Helping and Being Helped: Naturalistic Studies
by Shirlynn Spacapan & Stuart Oskamp
Evaluation Thesaurus
by Michael Scriven





Social Identity Theory: Constructive and Critical Advances
by Dominic Abrama & Michael A. Hogg
The Art of Seeing: An Interpretation of the Aesthetic Encounter
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Rick Robinson
Television and the Quality of Life: How Viewing Shapes Everyday Experience
by Robert William Kubey & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi



Social Identifications: A Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations and Group Processes
by Michael A. Hogg & Dominic Abrams
The Social Psychology of Health
by Shirlynn Spacapan & Stuart Oskamp
Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Targeted Communication Programs: A Manual for Business Communicators
by Gary W. Selnow & William D. Crano



International Conflict and National Public Policy Issues
by Stuart Oskamp
The Evaluation of Composition Instruction
by Barbara Gross Davis, Michael Scriven, & Susan Thomas
Applications of Cognitive Psychology: Problem Solving, Education, and Computing
by Dale E. Berger, Kathy Pezdek, & William P. Banks



Being Adolescent: Conflict and Growth in the Teenage Years
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Reed Larson
Evaluation Models: Viewpoints on Educational and Human Services Evaluation
by George Madaus, Michael Scriven, & D.L. Stufflebeam (1st edtion)
Word Magic: Evaluating and Selecting Word Processing
by Michael Scriven




Logic of Evaluation
by Michael Scriven




by Michael Scriven
Beyond Boredom and Anxiety
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi




Applied Logic: An Introduction to Scientific Reasoning
by Michael Scriven
Primary Philosophy
by Michael Scriven
The Foundations of Science and the Concepts of Psychology and Psychoanalysis
by Herbert Feigl & Michael Scriven


A Sample of Books By DBOS Supporting Faculty



Psychological Science
by Michael S. Gazzaniga, Diane F. Halpern, & Todd F. Heatherton (3rd edition)
Undergraduate Education in Psychology: A Blueprint for the Future of the Discipline
by Diane F. Halpern

Diversity's Promise for Higher Education: Making It Work
by Daryl G. Smith


Psychological Expertise in Court
by Daniel A. Krauss & Joel D. Lieberman
We Are Americans: Undocumented Students Pursuing the American Dream
by William Perez & Daniel G. Solorzano

Leadership and the Liberal Arts: Achieving the Promise of a Liberal Education
by J. Thomas Wren, Ronald E. Riggio, & Michael A. Genovese


Narrowing the Achievement Gap: Strategies for Educating Latino, Black, and Asian Students
by Susan J. Paik & Herbert J. Walberg




The Art of Followership
by Ronald E. Riggio, Ira Chaleff, & Jean Lipman-Blumen
Changing Realities of Work and Family
by Amy Marcus-newhall, Diane F. Halpern, & Sherylle J. Tan

Women at the Top: Powerful Leaders Tell Us How to Combine Work and Family
by Diane Halpern & Fanny M. Cheung



Moral Markets: The Critical Role of Values in the Economy
by Paul J. Zak & Michael C. Jensen
The Diversity Challenge: Social Identity and Intergroup Relations on the College Campus
by Jim Sidanius, Shana Levin, Colette Van Laar, & David O. Sears

Drug Abuse: Concepts, Prevention, and Cessation
by Steve Sussman & Susan L. Ames




How to Do Incidental Teaching (Pro-ed Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders)
by Marjorie H. Charlop-Christy
Evaluation in Action: Interviews With Expert Evaluators
by Jody L. Fitzpatrick, Christina A. Christie, & Melvin M. Mark




Critical Thinking in Psychology
by Robert Sternberg, Henry Roediger, & Diane F. Halpern (in progress) 
Narrowing the Achievement Gap: Strategies for Educating Latino, Black, and Asian Students
by Susan Paik
Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
by Ronald E. Riggio



The Allure of Toxic Leaders: Why We Follow Destructive Bosses and Corrupt Politicians--and How We Can Survive Them
by Jean Lipman-Blumen
The Basic Practice of Statistics
by David Moore
Developing Minority Language Resources: The Case of Spanish in California
by Guadelupe Valdez, William Perez, J. Fishman, & R. Chavez.


The Practice of Leadership: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
by Jay A. Conger, Ronald E. Riggio, & Bernard M. Bass
Does Consciousness Cause Behavior?
by Susan Pockett, William P. Banks, & Shaun Gallagher
Stigma and Group Inequality: Social Psychological Perspectives
by Shana Levin & Colette Van Lar



From Work-Family Balance to Work-Family Interaction: Changing the Metaphor
by Diane F. Halpern & Susan E. Murphy
Making Adult Stepfamilies Work: Strategies for the Whole Family When a Parent Marries Later in Life
by Jean Lipman-Blumen & Grace Gabe
Power Mentoring: How Successful Mentors and Proteges Get the Most Out of Their Relationships
by Ellen Ensher & Susan E. Murphy


Advancing Educational Productivity: Policy Implications from National Databases
by Susan Paik
Applications of Nonverbal Communication
by Ronald  E. Riggio and Robert S. Feldman
Statistics: Concepts and Controversies
by David Moore



Introduction to the Practice of Statistics
by David S. S. Moore, George P. McCabe, & George P. McCabe
Transformational Leadership (2nd edition)
by Bernard Bass & Ronald E. Riggio
Handbook of Implicit Cognition and Addiction
by Reinout W. H. J. Wiers & Alan W. Stacy



Step Wars: Overcoming the Perils and Making Peace in Adult Stepfamilies
by Grace Gabe & Jean Lipman-Blumen
Improving Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
by Ronald E. Riggio & Sarah Smith Orr
Statistics Through Applications
by David Moore




Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy
by Debra Mashek, Jeffry A. Simpson, & Arthur Aron



Thought and Knowledge: An Introduction to Critical Thinking
by Diane F. Halpern
Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking
by Diane F. Halpern & Heidi Riggio
Corporate Entrepreneurship: Top Managers and New Business Creation
by Vijay Sathe & Peter F. Drucker


The Future of Leadership Development
by Wendy Barbara Murphy, Susan E. Murphy, & Ronald E. Riggio
Psychology Applied to Law
by Mark Costanzo
Practice of Business Statistics
by David Moore


The Dependent Gene: The Fallacy of "Nature vs. Nurture"
by David Moore
Multiple Intelligences and Leadership
by Ronald Riggio, Susan E. Murphy, & Francis J. Pirozzolo
Shared Leadership: Reframing the Hows and Whys of Leadership
by Craig Pearce & Jay Conger




Essential Sources in the Scientific Study of Consciousness
by Bernard J. Baars, William P. Banks, & James B. Newman
The Social Psychology of Drug Abuse
by Steven Yale Sussman & Susan L. Ames



Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities
by Diane F. Halpern
Connective Leadership: Managing in a Changing World
by Jean Lipman-Blumen
Hot Groups: Seeding Them, Feeding Them, and Using Them to Ignite Your Organization
by Jean Lipman-Blumen



Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum: A Brief Edition of Thought and Knowledge
by Diane F. Halpern
States of Mind: American and Post-Soviet Perspectives on Contemporary Issues in Psychology
by Diane F. Halpern & Alexander Voiskounsky

Assessment Centers: Research & Applications
by Ronald Riggio & B.T. Mayes


Just Revenge: Costs and Consequences of the Death Penalty
by Mark Costanzo
The Connective Edge: Leading in an Interdependent World
by Jean Lipman-Blumen

Changing College Classrooms: New Teaching and Learning Strategies for an Increasingly Complex World
by Diane Halpern


Developing School-Based Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Programs
by Dr. Steven Y. Sussman, Clyde W. Dent, Dr. Dee Burton, & Alan W. Stacy




Communicate with Confidence
by L. Baker, A. Brewer, P. Brookesmith, A.E. Reading, Ronald E. Riggio, S. Sedgbeer, G. Wilson, & A.K. Watson
Language, Memory, and Aging
by Leah L. Light & Deborah M. Burke
Big World, Small Screen: The Role of Television in American Society
by Aletha C. Huston, Edward Donnerstein, Halford Fairchild, & H. Fairchild, N. Feshbach




Enhancing Thinking Skills in the Sciences and Mathematics
by Diane F. Halpern
Organization: Text, Cases, and Readings on the Management of Organizational Design and Change
by Phyllis Schlesinger, Vijay Sathe, Leonard Schlesinger, & John Kotter




Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
by Ronald E. Riggio & Lyman W. Porter
Bilingual Education: Issues and Strategies
by Amado M. Padilla, Halford H. Fairchild, & Concepcion M. Valadez



Student Outcomes Assessment: What Institutions Stand to Gain
by Diane F. Halpern
The Charisma Quotient
by Ronald E. Riggio
by John P. Kotter, Leonard A. Schlesinger, & Vijay Sathe



Culture and Related Corporate Realities: Text, Cases and Readings on Organizational Entry, Establishment, and Change
by Vijay Sathe
Controller Involvement in Management
by Vijay Sathe





Controllership in Divisionalized Firms: Structure, Evaluation, and Development
by Vijay Sathe

Other Faculty Publications

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