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2015 Spring - TNDY
Subj Cat# Class# Sect Units Mod Course Instructor Days Time Location Notes Description
TNDY 401I 3004 1 4   The Nature of Scientific Inquiry
Jacek Kugler M 7:00PM - 9:50PM Stauffer 106 Scope and Purpose - The purpose of this interdisciplinary class is to expose PhD students to alterna more »
TNDY 402B 3005 1 4   Transnational Feminisms
Karen Torjesen, Eunyoung Ha Tu 1:00PM - 3:50PM IAC Library This course will explore five topics-1) feminization of poverty,2) women and the environment, 3) wom more »
TNDY 405F 3003 1 4   Musical Mathematics, Mathematical Music
Christopher Rockwell Th 9:30AM - 12:20PM Stauffer 106 Musical Mathematics, Mathematical Music. This course examines mathematical approaches to understandi more »
TNDY 405G 3002 1 4   The Lives of Animals: Literature, Ethics, and the Sciences
Randy Ramal M 1:00PM - 3:50PM Stauffer 106 The Lives of Animals: Literature, Ethics, and the Sciences -- TNDY In 1974, the philosopher Thomas N more »
TNDY 405H 3006 1 4   Reconfiguring the Middle East: Politics, Conflicts, Development, Religion, Culture, & Gender
Sallama Shaker Th 4:00PM - 6:50PM Burkle 24 For decades scholars of the Middle East have struggled to understand the riddle of Why the Middle Ea more »
TNDY 405I 3394 1 4   Data Analytical Tools, Technologies and Applications Across the Disciplines
Brian Hilton, Hovig Tchalian Tu 4:00PM - 6:50PM Burkle 14 Instructor consent required. See Information Systems and Technology Department for details. This course focuses on using Big Data tools and technologies effectively across various disciplines more »
PFF 531 3397 1 0   Teaching & Learning in Higher Education
Shamini Dias Th 4:00PM - 6:50PM McManus 35 This intensive, graduate seminar course aims to support your development as an educator in preparing more »