The Alumni Connection

CGU alumni are ambassadors for our programs to the world. They are your guides, your connection to the professional world, and the supporters of your graduate program. Many of our alumni remain engaged in the activities of the division and make very generous annual contributions.

Our vibrant and engaged alumni network also facilitates student internships and jobs, and has an impressive record of providing meaningful career placements for our current students.

CGU Gatherings Around the World

We regularly host get-togethers for alumni, students, faculty, and friends of the program at conferences across North America.  Contact Richard Dowlat, DBOS External Affairs Coordinator, at for more information.

We are also happy to connect both current and prospective students with our alumni, upon request.

Our next alumni gatherings will be:

  • November 3, 2011, 8 p.m.: We'll be meeting in Anaheim, CA during the 2011 American Evaluation Association Meeting. The event will take place at the Mix Restaurant on in the Hilton of Anaheim hotel..
Below are photos from a few of our recent events:

Alumni, students, and prominent guests at the November 2010 American Evaluation Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Scenes above include the Claremont Alumni Reception at Zuni Grill on the San Antonio Riverwalk, as well as panels, author signings, and meetings with prominent names in the field.


April 23, 2010: Students, alumni, and faculty gathered at the Western Psychological Association conference in Cancun, Mexico

June 18, 2009: Faculty, students, and alumni meet with special guests in Philadelphia, PA during the first World Congress on Positive Psychology. From left to right, pictured at our soiree at the Table 31 lounge: Dr. Jeanne Nakamura, student Brett Holingshed, and special guests from Africa and South America; student Thuy-vy Nguyen; student Kim Perkins with Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihaly; alumna Rachel Schiff and student Cindy Sherman. Far right: Students Karen Wampler, Natalie Dymchenko, and Vanessa Kettering have a moment with Dr. Philip Zimbardo during the conference.

April 24, 2009: Students, alumni, and faculty meet and celebrate in Portland, Oregon for the 2009 Western Psychological Association Conference. Top row: Jason Rivera, Laura Myerchin, and Justin Mary; Suellen Crano, David Robinson, Anna Malsch and guest, and Allen Omoto; Giacomo Bono and Harvey Wichman. Bottom row: Kelly Neff, Stacy Hawkins, Elizabeth Chamberlin; Ia Ko, John Lavelle, and Stewart Donaldson; Justin Mary is presented with an award by Jeff Mio; Jason Rivera presents his research.

November 7, 2008: Revelers at the meeting of the American Evaluation Association enjoy our annual Claremont get-together of alumni, students, faculty, and special guests, held at the Rialto Cafe Art Gallery in Denver, CO.

November 16, 2007: Alumni, students, and faculty enjoyed a lively night of tepanyaki (and dancing!) at the 2007 Meeting of the Psychonomics Society in downtown Long Beach, California. Top row: Lisa Avila-Mora, Patrick Williams, and Kathy Pezdek; Victor Gombos; Lori James and Gabrielle Osborne; Beth Terris, Patrick Williams, Roxanna Salim, and Gabriel Cooke. Middle row: Kathy Pezdek and Iris Blandon-Gitlin; Elizabeth Graham, Kemara Has, Lisa Avila-Mora, Meredith Patterson, and Leah Light; Jillanne Thomas, Paul Thomas, and Roxanna Salim. Bottom row: Victoria Romero and William Sturgill; Robert Kennison and Elizabeth Graham; Meredith Patterson and Christie Chung.
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November 9, 2007: Claremont alumni and friends enjoy a stunning view of Baltimore's inner harbor during the 2007 American Evaluation Association conference.  Top row: Rashon Lane, Kim Perkins, Leslie Fierro, Rachel Schiff, and Michelle Mercier; Michael Scriven, Max Freund, and friend. Second row: Tarek Azzam, Rocele Estanislao, Sae Lee and friend, Robert Lachausse and Kelly Fischbein, Dreolin Fleischer and Chanel Parson. Bottom row: LaRease Thomas and friend; Shanelle Boyle, Ana Dor, and Cindy Gilbert.
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Oct. 5, 2007: Alumni gather for drinks and a spectacular view at the Sky Lounge in Washington, DC. From left to right - Professor Stewart Donaldson and Julie Chalfin; Katrina Bledsoe and Cindy Gilbert; DBOS Staff Paul Thomas, Blanca-Flor Guillen, Kimberly Wells, Julie Chalfin, and Katrina Bledsoe.
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An elegant, jazz-filled evening was enjoyed during the recent Western Psychological Association Conference in Vancouver.  Among those pictured above are Professor Dale Berger (top left, with other guests), alumni Elisa Grant-Vallone and Chris Aberson (top right), and alumnus Wesley Schultz and Professor William Crano (bottom right).
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Alumni and current students exchange fresh ideas at the April 2007
Career Development and Alumni Appreciation Day in Claremont, California.
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Soon-to-be-alumna Debra Berry and alumna Dr. Julia Love reunite at the
Society for Research on Child Development Conference in Boston, MA, March 2007.

CGU graduate faculty Bill Banks and Kathy Pezdek, during the Nov. 2006 Psychonomic Society Meeting in Houston, catch up with alumni Meredith Merefield Patterson and Michael Patterson--and meet their new son, Jack!

Alumni, faculty, current students, and guests gather at our Nov. 3 Alumni Reception in Portland, Oregon during the 2006 American Evaluation Association Conference.
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Claremont faculty at the CGU-sponsored Society for the
Psychological Study of Social Issues Conference in Long Beach, June 2006.

Internationally recognized scholars debate "What Constitutes Credible Evidence in Evaluation and Applied Research" in Claremont at our Stauffer Symposium on August 19, 2006. (From left to right: Michael Scriven, Gary Henry, Leonard Bickman, Sandra Mathison, Jennifer Greene, Thomas Schwandt, and Sharon Rallis.)

Eminent scholars and leaders in evaluation, alumni, current students, and faculty at the 2005 DBOS Alumni Reception in Toronto, during the joint American Evaluation Association and Canadian Evaluation Society Conference.
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Paul Thomas, host of the DBOS Alumni Reception and Information Booth,
at the 2005 American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, D.C.

Faculty at a CGU-sponsored breakfast at the Society of
Experimental Social Psychology Conference in San Diego, Oct. 2005.

Alumni mingle with current and prospective students at the 2005 DBOS Alumni Reception
at the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology Conference in Los Angeles.