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After several years in the corporate real estate field, Chrismon Nofsinger realized that he wanted to be a consultant. "I realized that the person who was making the biggest difference was the confidant to the leader. What they did seemed a lot more empowering than what the rest of us were able to do. So I pulled one such gentleman aside to talk, and he told me that if I wanted to be a top player, I would need a Ph.D. in organizational psychology."

After interviewing at seven other universities, Chrismon decided that Claremont’s applied focus made it his top choice. "The skill sets I learned prior to going into the doctoral program were crucial to running a small business and understanding negotiation and client management. But it was the critical thinking you learn in the Ph.D. program, the wonderful ideas and theories and constructs that people are trying to research, that you can superimpose on many situations. Suddenly, you bring to the room a perspective that looks for the non-obvious, apparently extraneous variable. The training allows you to be the person in the room that can say, 'Might it not be this?' By using those two things—that vocabulary of ideas combined with the critical thinking—you’re the person who makes the difference."

Armed with a solid training in methodology and his lifelong passion for organizational change, Chrismon started the Nofsinger Group in 1994. In his subsequent years of experience, he has become a trusted confidant and advisor to numerous CEOs, board members, and private equity investors. Chrismon has personally worked with more than 200 companies, from start-ups to Fortune 50, focusing on organizational change, individual and team development, and CEO coaching. Chrismon has earned an excellent reputation for his accurate individual and team assessment in selection, promotion, and M&A due diligence. He leads the Nofsinger Group's equity and strategic partnerships.

Chrismon’s other project’s include collaborating on his forthcoming book Stage Intelligence: Secrets of Happiness and Success, coaching his two sons in soccer, and playing part-time farmer on his cherry and apple orchards in Wenatchee, Washington with his wife. "I've never enjoyed my work more than I enjoy it now," he beams. "You can genuinely see the differences you’ve made, and the Claremont training is a major part of that. The more value you can add to people's work, the more you can help people change, and the more success you will have."

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