Cultural Studies Program


Media Studies Concentration

The department offers a concentration in Media Studies for students completing an M.A. or Ph.D. in Cultural Studies. This concentration is offered in conjunction with the Intercollegiate Media Studies (IMS) Program of the Claremont Colleges.  If you would like to declare or change your concentration, please fill out the Change of Concentration Form and submit it to the Arts and Humanities Student Support Secretary.

The master's and doctoral degrees in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Media Studies allows students to follow a course of study in the fast-growing field of Media Studies, which is situated at the intersection of Cultural Studies, Cinema Studies, New Media, Visual Studies, Critical Theory, Popular Culture, Media Production, and Art History.  Students study the creative and critical practices of media consumers, producers, artists, and scholars.  Media Studies follows the central mandate of Cultural Studies to investigate the ideological dimension of cultural practices, focusing in particular on questions of representation, power, technology, politics, and economy.

CGU's enviable Southern California location, the center of vast commercial and independent media production, provides students with invaluable opportunities for study and fieldwork.  Students are provided first-hand experience through directed internships designed to foster a unique learning opportunity characteristic of the CGU experience.  Faculty and staff assist in pairing you with an internship that matches your field of study and individual career goals.


Course Requirements

12 units must be taken as approved Media Studies courses taught by faculty at CGU or the Claremont Colleges. In addition, one of the student’s Research Methods Courses must be in the field of Media Studies. Current approved Media Studies Research Methods courses include CLST 355 Visual Research Methods, CLST 377 Film Theory and Criticism and HUM 340 Digital Methods for Humanities Research. Students may also complete an optional 4-unit internship (approximately 100 hours).  For more information about the internship, please see the department handbook.


Additional Requirements for the Ph.D. 

One of three fields for the qualifying exams will be in media studies.


Click here to see the "Media Studies in Southern California" 2009 Conference Program.

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