Transdisciplinary Program

Solutions to today's complex problems require successful collaboration across disciplines. CGU Created the Transdisciplinary Studies Program to help students:
Draw upon the ideas and methods of multiple disciplines.
Create new, integrative, and transformative solutions.
Solve today's complex problems.

1. Courses

  • 146 classes since 2003 have enabled students to collaborate across multiple fields of study and develop the habits of lifelong learning.
  • 66 instructors have been involved in 89 unique courses, with titles like Connective Leadership for the 21st Century (Jean Lipman-Blumen), The Drucker Difference (Hideki Yamawaki), and Political Psychology: Transdisciplinary Perspectives (Jennifer Merolla). 
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Students and Faculty


 Letter from the Interim Director:

We recognize the global demand for our graduates to think across disciplines and other knowledge boundaries. We acknowledge the growing expectation for flexible thinkers and problem solvers who have skills that transfer readily across academic disciplines as well as across sectors of employment.

Transdisciplinarity is a way of thinking and doing. Researchers must be free to follow a problem across disciplinary boundaries; they must be open to collaboration and innovation, drawing on the concepts and methods of other disciplines and creating new approaches to problems; and they must always ask how their creation of knowledge impacts our understanding of humanity's most thorny problems.

--Patricia Easton, Interim Director

CGU Transdisciplinary Program


    “Transdisciplinarity is the intellectual signature of CGU”


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