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2014 Summer - TNDY
Subj Cat# Class# Sect Units Mod Course Instructor Days Time Location Notes Description
TNDY 402Z 5102 1 4 M2 Akko: Public Archaeology, Conservation & Heritage
Gary Gilbert  - No Room Needed Class meets in Akko, Israel, 6/29-7/26. See Religion department for details. This course will introduce students to the city of Akko from numerous perspectives including: histor more »
TNDY 404O 5103 1 4 M1 Public-Private Partnerships
Robert Klitgaard TuTh 4:00PM - 6:50PM Burkle 14 Collaboration across government, business, and civil society is growing in importance for entreprene more »
TNDY 404V 5100 1 4 M2 Communicating in an Increasingly Complex World
Hovig Tchalian MW 4:00PM - 7:00PM Burkle 22 This TNDY course will address the question of managing organizational stakeholders, defined in the b more »
TNDY 405A 5063 1 4 M1 Heritage, Culture and Managing the Past in the Old World and the New
Joshua Goode MTuWThFSaSu  - No Room Needed In Bath, England Sat 5/31/14-Sun 6/8/14, and in Los Angeles, Sat 6/21/14- Sun 6/29/14. See School of Arts and Humanities for details. This course is a jointly taught, dual campus class that examines heritage management of historical s more »