Since the late 1960s, the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences (SBOS) at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) has been a leader in providing graduate education in applied psychological science and evaluation, and in preparing students to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse and global community. Many of our more than 1,000 alumni with graduate degrees hold major positions in business, consulting, government, health care, public health, community settings, research institutes and think tanks, and at colleges and major universities across the globe.

Coming from a psychology, social and behavioral science, or related undergraduate major, you may not know of the vast career options beyond teaching, basic research, and therapy.  CGU offers many ways to experience further education and a rewarding career by studying the topics in psychology and the behavioral sciences you are most interested in.  You will also be prepared for a personally rewarding and lucrative career.

If you come from a background in business, health, communications, or a related area, or have been in the field as a working professional, you will enjoy tremendous personal and professional growth by completing a graduate program at SBOS.

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