MA in Arts Management

THE ARTS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, the only one of its kind available in California, blends the best of the renowned Drucker School of Management and the School of Arts and Humanities to balance business courses with advanced cultural studies. Cultural institutions in the profit and nonprofit sector are seeking capable managers with an understanding of the arts and business to head museums, theatre and dance companies, cultural centers, music and arts education organizations, and to advocate for the future of the arts.

Located in the creative capital of the world, the Arts Management program will provide you with valuable experience and career-launching connections for a wide range of career paths. Our ties to the vibrant and dynamic Southern California arts community offer practical research on real issues and close interaction with experienced faculty. You will have a first-hand opportunity to master the skills and knowledge to shape the future of arts organizations regionally, nationally, and globally.

At the Drucker School, you will explore the best of the best management classes to obtain a firm grounding in nonprofit finance and leadership, organizational behavior, and marketing. Choose from many leadership courses and learn how to succeed at the two most difficult aspects of leading an arts organization: managing a board and fundraising.

At the School of Arts & Humanities, you will launch into advanced study in the theory and practice of arts management, along with in-depth study of cultural policy with faculty drawn from the heads of organizations that are ahead of the curve. Courses in research technologies and methods, and supervised consulting clinics with innovative LA-based arts organizations will connect theory with practice.

The Arts Management Program at Claremont Graduate University is proud to announce that it has received funding from The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation to provide a full scholarship to its M.A. in Arts Management program.

The program is launching a national search to find the Parsons Fellow who will be the recipient of this opportunity beginning in January 2015.

The ideal candidate will be a U.S. citizen/resident that has had five to seven years of work experience in any capacity in a nonprofit arts organization, local arts agency, service organization or the philanthropic sector, or has played a role in advancing the field through advocacy, policy or research. Candidates can have a background in any discipline, including the visual arts, theatre, music, dance, or arts education. Partial fellowships are also available for outstanding candidates.

Individuals who are future leaders in the field of arts management should contact Diana Luna.

The application deadline is November 1st.

Choosing between the Art Business and Arts Management program depends on the student's career goals or aspirations.

Art Business focuses on the visual arts with an emphasis on the for-profit side of the industry and the institutions that manage, conserve, exhibit, promote and sell works of art. Students who pursue a degree in Art Business typically work in art galleries, auction houses, museums, exhibition spaces and other art enterprises. Art Business students tend to be entrepreneurial and many start their own innovative art businesses.

Arts Management focuses on all aspects of the arts (theater and dance, arts education, arts organizations, etc.) culture, and policy. The program also has a focus on management and the non-profit side of the arts. Students who pursue a degree in Arts Management manage and build art organizations; work in art education and policy; cultural organizations; etc.

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