Interpreting your Admissions Letter

Each student admitted to the University is classified in one of the following categories, which the Admissions department refer as "Admissions Classifications:"

  • Full Graduate Standing: Applicants who are admitted without reservation are granted full graduate standing. Only students who have full graduate standing may become candidates for a degree.
  • Provisional Standing:  Provisional admission status may be awarded to applicants whose application documents are incomplete at the time admissions decisions are made. The documents that have been received must be strong enough to warrant early provisional admission pending receipt of the outstanding credentials. Failure to submit the necessary credentials by the end of the first semester of study may result in withholding registration for the following semester. As soon as all admissions requirements have been met, the graduate faculty serving the department will review the student's file. The faculty may then recommend full graduate standing, conditional standing, or request that the student withdraw from the program.
  • Conditional admission status may be awarded to a student whose academic record shows certain deficiencies or who lacks certain prerequisites. The student must demonstrate ability to do graduate work at a high level of achievement at CGU before being considered for full graduate standing. After completing the conditions specified by the faculty (typically, a minimum of eight units of graduate work or, in the case of a full-time student, the first semester of work), the record of a student with conditional standing will be reviewed by the graduate faculty serving the department. The faculty may then recommend full graduate standing, request that the student withdraw from the program, or determine that the student should remain on conditional standing until specified requirements have been met.
  • Special Standing:  Applicants who do not plan to enter a degree or credential program may be admitted to special standing on recommendation of the dean of the University after receipt of their application, application fee, and an official copy of a transcript showing that they have received an undergraduate degree. Students in this classification who later decide to apply for a degree or credential program must supply additional materials and request evaluation of their admission files and academic records by both the executive committee of the department and the dean. Admission to special standing is limited to one academic year. The approval of the dean is required for further study in this category.
  • Request for Audit: A student who wishes to audit must submit an application, application fee, and proof of having obtained an undergraduate degree. The approval of the dean, as well as the approval of the instructor(s) of the course(s) concerned, is required for study in this category.
  • Accelerated Admission (BA/MA):  Applicants who are superior undergraduate students at The Claremont Colleges and who are recommended by their colleges for admission after completion of the sophomore year or later may make application for a joint degree at the University. 
  • Delayed/Deferred Admission:  A student admitted for a term who is unable to attend, but wishes to enroll for a subsequent term, needs to request a deferment of admission. The applicant's file will be reviewed and a decision will be made at the appropriate time. Admission is not guaranteed with a deferment request even though the applicant was previously admitted. Deferment is limited to one year.

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